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Your mortgage business shouldn’t annoy you

Every loan officer that has removed themselves from their business remembers the day their thinking changed. In the past, vacation was just a short break from the chaos (that’s assuming your cellphone wasn’t ringing the whole time). In the past,…

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Why some LOs have passive income

Have you ever wondered why some LOs are happy and others are not? Maybe you have wondered why some LOs have businesses that make money without them working? The answer is simple… The difficult part is accepting how easy living…

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Why LOs procrastinate

Your mortgage business has the potential to run without you. You know what you need to do… But, then you don’t do it… You are so close to living a life by design, yet you continue to let time pass…

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Your mortgage business should fund your lifestyle, not own it

You have experienced financial success in the mortgage industry, but it’s not enough for you. Money hasn’t been a problem for a long time, yet you tell yourself that you don’t have enough. Every day you feel the pressure to…

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LO midlife crisis

Have you had a midlife crisis? I personally have had 5 or 6 At first, you feel guilty for wanting your life to be more than it is. But, you know there’s more you are called to do. Every day…

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LOs live ½ as long as they could

Top-producers spend too much time working, on the phone, and obsessing about their investments. This is surviving… NOT living. What’s the point of working so hard if you just plan to work harder. Even when you aren’t working, you are…

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