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is goal-setting overrated?

New year goal-setting is a popular thing to do… but how effective is it? Sure, It’s great to have aspirations and desires. But, are those the same as goals? Personally, I’ve never officially set goals. Meaning that I’ve never written…

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How the best LOs became the best

We all admire the elites in the mortgage industry. But, do you know what got them there? It wasn’t luck… it wasn’t how many hours they worked…it wasn’t even their production. There are a ton of LOs who produce and…

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LOs: You will die one day

If everyone was afraid there would be no Barry Habib, no Dave Savage, no René Rodriguez, no Shayla Gifford, no Ryan Grant… If everyone waited for “it” to happen to them… nothing would ever happen. Fear is a funny thing……

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2 questions all happy LOs can answer

There are 2 questions every happy LO can answer. Who are you? What do you want? You would think these simple questions could be answered. The reality is that most people can’t answer them. Most people don’t really know who…

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LOs: r u motivated or stressed?

There are 2 ways to motivate yourself. One way will result in confidence and control. The other way will result in stress and pressure. Motivation is key to success, but how you choose to be motivated will determine how you…

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LOs, do you feel stuck?

Do you feel trapped? Are you are always looking for an investment opportunity or a vacation to make you feel excited again? Do you find yourself restless and discontent? I get it… I’ve been there… and so have all of…

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