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How do you compare to other LOs?

How do you compare to other Loan Officers?   Level 1: Beginner LO – In this stage, you are unsure where your next loan will come from. Lead generation and income are inconsistent. Level 2: Overwhelmed Operator – In this…

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Top LOs are Unhappy

If you’re “closer” to success now, why do you feel further away? You see other entrepreneurs who seem to have it all figured out. Why don’t you? Despite your success, you wonder… is this all there is? Guess what…? This…

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Why I sold my house and everything in it

To run a successful mortgage business, you have to learn how to think. Sounds pretty simple, right? It turns out that thinking correctly is harder than it seems. Your thoughts are easily corrupted by your past experiences and fears of…

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The LOs 7-figure schedule

Working 50 hour weeks is one way to do it… But, that only works if you are using your time efficiently. When you hear a billionaire talking about “hustle” and “grinding”… What they forgot to mention is that they only…

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LOs deserve better!

You can convince yourself that your life is everything you want it to be. And if you love your life… by all means, keep doing what you are doing. But, for those of you that want more… There is so…

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LOs, your team wants you to make more money

Your mortgage business isn’t as complex as you pretend it is. It’s a container for your team to perform at their best and become mini-entrepreneurs within your business. It’s your job as the owner to create a container that allows…

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