LOs Aren’t Liking Their Options

I’m not sure when Loan Officers started doing it wrong.

Maybe it worked for one person and then people started copying them?

Whatever happened… it has caused a lot of people a ton of pain.

Loan Officers look at their marketing options and they don’t like any of them.

Many LOs are asking themselves… is there a better way to get business?

The answer is… Yes.

Back in the day, people would…

  1. Find their calling.
  2. Hire a mentor.
  3. And then, practice their craft.

Today, Loan Officers do the opposite… and it doesn’t work. 

Nowadays, LOs begin their careers practicing their craft and trying to get really good at their job. Then, they hire a coach who can make them even better. Finally, once they are burned out and tired… they start searching for their calling.

Here’s the problem with this plan… you are missing out on the most motivating part of doing business! Nothing will motivate you like finding your calling. It is the reason the Loan Officers at the top of the industry experienced rapid success. They are motivated by making a difference… and the money follows.

So, what if you have already done things backward? What if you have already gotten really good at being a Loan Officer and worked with the best coaches? No worries at all! You are in great company. This is what I did too. Just because we did things backward doesn’t mean that we screwed it all up! It just means that we may have wasted more time than we needed to. 

Ultimately… who cares! You are here now and you know how to do things the right way. Find your purpose… turn it into your personal brand… and learn how to sell it.

We are entering a new economy that no longer rewards professionals based on their experience or certifications. People choose Loan Officers who stand for something bigger than themselves. Top Producers win because a referral to them means so much more than a referral to their competitors. The mortgage industry and their community are a better place when these Top Producers are successful.

Being really good at your job isn’t rare… What’s rare is using your career success to make a difference. If you can become the Loan Officer that is making an impact… You will never have problems making money in this new economy.

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