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LOs searching for purpose

Top-producers are not succeeding as much as they would like to. You have dreamed of making more of an impact using your career success… but, it hasn’t happened yet. It can be a challenge connecting with your purpose. Here are…

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LOs: you’re great, but you want more

You’ve done well in the mortgage industry. But, you want more. You want more purpose and meaning in your work. You want a personal brand identity that allows you to show up so that people can see why you matter…

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LOs: act like a millennial

The market is shifting… but not how you think. This shift accelerated rapidly during the pandemic. People are shopping differently now. They don’t want fancy video equipment, social media posts, or closing gifts. This new economy demands something different. We…

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What top LOs do that others don’t

The elite players in the industry are focused, confident, and motivated. I remember years ago… admiring them… wanting to live like them. But, when I was trying to find my way there… I noticed something… The elite players weren’t doing…

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Top-producers are settling for wealth

Top-producers are settling for the 4 million dollar home, the vacation house, and the nice cars.   These things are great… but, they aren’t what makes the elite players in the industry happy. High achievers want to achieve greatness and…

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Which LO is right?

Some Top-producers want more money… Others want to use their career success as an LO to create the life they really want. Who’s right? It doesn’t really matter… as long as you’re happy. Just realize that things will change. Money…

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