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You are an entrepreneur that happens to be an LO

You are an entrepreneur that happens to be a loan officer. The mortgage industry gave you a stage to exercise your entrepreneurial abilities. Financial success used to be enough for you. But, something has changed recently. The money no longer…

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When closing loans stops being fun

I was in Las Vegas this weekend with thousands of Loan Officers and I noticed something… All of them wanted more. More connection. More meaning. More freedom.   The one constant in life is the desire for more. It may…

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LOs, are you tired of the stress?

It wasn’t always stressful. In fact, you used to enjoy the challenge each day would bring. You used the pressure to succeed as a motivator and it worked! But, something has changed… The pressure has become a distraction It’s preventing…

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LOs are like general contractors

When you hire a Loan Officer, you aren’t choosing the one with the best mortgage product. ou want the job to get done and close on time. When people hire a contractor to build a custom luxury home, they don’t…

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How do you compare to other LOs?

How do you compare to other Loan Officers?   Level 1: Beginner LO – In this stage, you are unsure where your next loan will come from. Lead generation and income are inconsistent. Level 2: Overwhelmed Operator – In this…

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Top LOs are Unhappy

If you’re “closer” to success now, why do you feel further away? You see other entrepreneurs who seem to have it all figured out. Why don’t you? Despite your success, you wonder… is this all there is? Guess what…? This…

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