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Branch Managers are more likely to lose themselves

The success of your branch is dependent on you. You have a great reputation and you work hard to keep it that way. High-level customer service is important to you and you expect your team to deliver at the same…

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Top LOs are allowed to complain

Just because you’re making great money doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to be in pain. Money alone won’t end the stress. However, You CAN buy your time back… if you invest in improving your systems. Systems are exactly why you…

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Why is vacation illegal in the mortgage industry?

Why is vacation illegal in the mortgage industry? What’s the point of accumulating more money if you aren’t able to enjoy the benefits of it? Are you really a business owner if your team can’t handle things when you are…

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If Elon Musk was an LO

If Elon Musk was a loan officer… Do you think he would be giving out his cell number? Would he be constantly answering questions and putting out fires? Do you think he would spend 20 hours each week checking his…

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LOs like shiny things

The shiny things always catch our attention. It is exciting to add new things to your mortgage business. New software that automates borrower communications. A new book, “How to speed up your processors.” Or, the newest lead generation product. But,…

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75 and sunny

People are wrong when they group San Diego into the rest of California. This city is unlike anywhere else in the USA. It is 75 degrees with no humidity, no bugs, no traffic, and no rain. I traveled to San…

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