ABOUT INdesign

How We Make it Happen


There’s no replacement for what can happen in person. Removing yourself from your old environment makes more room for the new. My in-person events are the reason my clients get immediate results.

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    You are surrounded by other people who “get it.” Everyone in my program is like you… They’re all designed for more and they are sick of waiting.

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    In just 2.5 days, you are able to get the results that would have taken years with regular coaching.

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    We have fun too. All work and no play? That’s not how I roll. It would be a bummer if we didn’t enjoy the weekend with your new friends.


The 3 in-person events each year will change you forever, and there’s no going back. But, what do we do in between the events?

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    It’s easy to let the momentum fade and get sucked back in… I won’t let that happen. I have created a coaching platform that makes it easy to stay focused and keep moving forward.

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    Support is what you need and I have created a ton of it. We have coaching calls, a variety of interactions with our INdesign community, and access to all of the resources we have compounded over the years.

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    Connections are everything (I am where I am today because of them). In between our in-person events, I will be connecting you with the best of the best.

You might be saying…

“I can’t yet.”
“I don’t have time. I can barely do everything that I need to do as it is.”
“I still need more money. My investment portfolio isn’t big enough yet.”

Well, if you can’t now… when can you??

How do you think the elite players in the industry got to where they are today?

They got there by learning how “someone like them” could find their thing.

INdesign is NOT for you if:

  • You don’t believe that you have been designed for something bigger.

  • The phrase “your design” makes you uncomfortable and you wish that I would stop saying it.

  • You think the best in your industry are special and that you can’t live like them.

INdesign IS for you if:

  • You thrive when being surrounded by other like-minded people who want to do big things with their lives.

  • You want to be seen and do work that
    fulfills you.

  • It’s been your time for a while now, and you want help getting there.



I didn't always know what my thing was.
But, I always knew that I had one.

Growing up, I always admired those at the elite level. They knew who they were, what they were good at, and what they were capable of.

The problem was… I didn’t know any of those things about myself. I was full of anxiety, insecurity, and self-doubt. These feelings drove me crazy and they were holding me back.

This is why I created INdesign, a coaching program for Loan Officers that want to design a career that uses their unique skill set to do the work that they are passionate about. INdesign is a program that will show them how.

Every Loan Officer wants to find their thing, their calling, their purpose… But so few people ever find it. I have found the recipe and I turned it into a program that actually works. INdesign uses the power of coaching, in-person events, and a tribe of loan officers who are all eager to accomplish something bigger than traditional success.

I believe that the reason so many successful Loan Officers are still unsatisfied is because they have yet to obtain what they want most… A career that allows them to use their past experience and expertise to make a real impact on the lives of others.