I’m Roland

Here’s my story


Growing up, I hid my aspirations.

It wasn’t that I didn’t have friends… I did. And, it wasn’t that my family wasn’t there for me… they were. But, there was something about society’s version of ”success” that didn’t feel right to me. My parents were very vocal that there was a “right way” to live your life. As much as I wanted to fit in, I was unwilling to spend my life here doing things that I didn’t want to do. As a result, I felt alone. It was like my desires were a secret that I had to hide.


I was always under a lot of pressure.

I wanted to be someone who actually did something with his life. But, I felt so far away from where I wanted to be. Every day felt like a competition and my performance was never enough. I always felt behind, less than, and like I was missing things that I needed. While other people seemed to be able to have fun, I couldn't stop thinking about how I could be better.



Money would do it.

Growing tired of not being noticed for my potential, I thought that making millions would finally earn me a seat at the table. Determined to become wealthy, I spent 8 years getting my Doctorate degree at Pacific University. I learned everything there was to know about running your own sports rehab clinic. I went to every conference, course, and became friends with the greatest in the industry.


My first couple million.

As with anyone who dedicates everything they have, my sports rehab business had immediate success. By 2016 I was already opening an injury care business that had even more income potential. I bought the big house on property, the R8, and a stellar wristwatch collection. But… to my surprise, the feeling of emptiness returned. I had lost my passion for the business and my heart just wasn't in it anymore.



You just need more money.

When I sought out help from different coaching programs, all of the advice was just to make more money. Instead, I hired a CEO to run my businesses and I retired thinking that world travel would fill the emptiness I felt inside. That worked… until it didn’t. Even in Bali, I was still Roland… unseen and unsatisfied.


Things finally clicked.

It wasn’t that I wasn’t enough, it was that the life I had created wasn’t enough. I never wanted to be rich… I wanted to be free from money so that I could do the work I actually love to do. I wanted people to recognize me for what I do best and to be appreciated for my unique abilities. I dropped everything and spent 60 hours a week discovering who I was, how I was designed, and what I was meant to do.



The INdesign Formula was born.

I had finally found happiness. For years, I was searching for my purpose… but purpose isn't something that can be found. It’s a way of being in the world. It happens when you live in the way that you were designed to be…  I bottled everything that I had learned over the past year and created the INdesign formula so that I could help other Loan Officers turn their successful careers into the life they really wanted.


I sold my sports rehab business to a Wall Street investment firm.

After watching the INdesign formula do for others what it did for me, I didn’t want to do anything else with my time. My injury care business runs on autopilot and I currently own it to this day. But, I was made an offer for my sports rehab business that was too big to refuse. Ten months later, I was written a check for a life-changing amount of money. My wife and I celebrated for a few days, but this wasn’t the end… for me, this was the beginning of the career I had been designed for.


What we are doing now

Our INdesign community of Loan Officers has grown quickly as so many people feel burned out and stuck in a career that doesn't excite them anymore. Life is too short to do work that doesn't light you up. You were designed to create a change using your skill set. I can help you discover what that change is and how to create it.

There’s a roadmap that will get you there.