Should LOs Really Be That Shocked?

When you first started your mortgage career, you saw an opportunity…

You knew that you’d be good at it and that you could achieve financial freedom.

With that financial freedom, you were going to travel more, improve yourself, and then use your skills to do what you are passionate about.

But, it gets really easy to get distracted. The money is exciting… but, it can suck you into a situation where you really aren’t enjoying yourself anymore.

It can be shocking to find yourself unhappy.

But, should you really be that shocked?

If you spend most of your time looking for ways to make your business more successful… then it would make sense that all you will have is success.

The problem is that success in business is just one type of success. And, while Americans collectively believe financial success to be the best… it’s really only gratifying if it’s enhancing your abilities to be successful in all areas of life. And, as much as people claim that they are making money to be more successful in all areas of life… that’s a lie. Being a life success really doesn’t require that much money.

The biggest problem is what this lack of life success does to your motivation.

As humans, we are not that motivated by money or being better than other people. Those are lies that we tell ourselves to justify our addiction to work. We like those stories because it makes us feel better about using up all of our time closing loans. We know these stories are BS as most wealthy people are unhappy and get unhappier with each passing day.

Humans are motivated by one thing… Using our unique abilities to make an impact on the lives of others. It’s the one thing that never gets old. It’s the one thing that continues to motivate us more and more. All of us want to do unique work that other people can’t do and we want to be recognized for the impact it’s making.

If you look at the leaders in the industry that you admire most… this is how they are achieving such a high level of success. They are motivated by something so much deeper than money. They waste their time trying to be better than other people. They are trying to make a difference. And, by doing so, they end up becoming someone that everyone knows and looks up to.

You can work yourself to death… but that’s no way to live.

There’s a better way to run your mortgage business.


  • Spending your time creating things that help people
  • Having a personal brand that people recognize and respect
  • No longer having to constantly sell yourself and have referral partners choose you instead

You can have all of this…

All you need to do is find your purpose and turn it into your personal brand.

If you are tired of doing things the way you have been doing them…and you want to learn a better way… a way that is actually fulfilling… I can help. Click here to schedule a call.
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