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LOs: a personal brand that you are proud

You are holding back and you know it. Sure, money is important… but you’ve already figured out how to play that game. You have everything you thought you wanted… but you still feel unsatisfied. This is a normal feeling. It…

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How to double your production

If you observe the brilliant minds in business, you will see one thing over and over again. Their ability to think and execute appears to be superior. They seem to float through life and business effortlessly. They are confident in…

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Why do some LOs plateau?

There are two reasons why I see top-producers plateau. They are afraid of being more than an LO They need something else to fall in love with There comes a point where the story you used, in the beginning, stops…

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The Delayed Life Plan Doesn’t Work

The delayed life plan has never worked. Yet, Loan Officers all over the country keep believing in it. “If I just make enough money… then I’ll be happy.” “I just need to get my volume up another 20 loans each…

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LOs can have money and be happy too (podcast)

Too many Loan Officers are trading their time for money. This is an exhausting and unsustainable practice. I work with successful LOs who appear to have it all… But, on the inside, they are restless, bored, and discontent. If this…

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A group of LOs were sitting in a circle

Last weekend I hosted an event for Loan Officers who want to remove themselves from day-to-day operations. We were sitting in a circle talking about how to create a fulfilling lifestyle full of work that excites you. They are building…

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