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shut up and CLOSE the loan. I’m on vacation!

Your team has grown. You have a personal assistant. You even hired an LOA. And you are working MORE than you did before!?! You dread going on vacation because you don’t want to deal with the storm when you return….

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The Rich Loan Officers Get Richer

You have probably heard the saying, “The rich get richer.” And this is the same with Loan Officers. The top-producers get richer and richer. This is because they have access to 3 things. Someone is telling them how Their questions…

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How to know when a Loan Officer is ready for business systems

You wake up and already dread the workday ahead of you. Your day consists of putting out fires, emails, putting out more fires, and working files. You are stuck in the office 40-50 hours a week with no time to…

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This new CRM saved my business! Said no one ever…

Who said systems are the same as software? How about systems being an employee handbook? People hear the word “systems,” and want to hide or pay someone else to build them. The reality is… You want systems more than anything…

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tired of telling yourself “the” story?

You bought “the” house. “The” car is in the garage. Business has been so good, you have even considered buying a second or third home one day. You’re working 50-60 hour weeks, some nights… and even weekends. You don’t see…

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The Income Roller Coaster

6-figures in your checking account! You just came out of a BIG month. And, the next month was even bigger! And… you’re scared. How could this be?! You just had your biggest month! Why are you scared? As a Loan…

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