Is Mortgage what you thought it’d be?

I’ll never forget when I walked across the graduation stage.

$334,000 I just spent on getting my doctorate…

And, all I felt was regret.

It never occurred to me that I was going to have to do a job for 40-60 hours a week.

I was in so much student debt that I had no other option.

But then something interesting happened…

I made a decision that made all of that debt disappear.

7 years later, I would be traveling Europe full-time while my dream house was being built in Sedona, Arizona.

Like most people, I got caught up in making money. While I had the knowledge to transition into an ownership role… I didn’t. I just kept grinding.

How did this happen? I never wanted to work in my business. I wanted to own one, or two, or three.

After a few years, I was empty inside. The joy of entrepreneurship was overshadowed by ungrateful referral partners and needy clients.

But, then I made a decision…

That decision was to get back to what young 18-year-old Roland wanted for his life.

  • A fulfilling career where work didn’t feel like work.
  • Being someone who was sought out for his expertise… rather than convincing people to work with me…
  • Living a life full of peace, calm, and confidence… rather than stress.

I decided to stop feeling behind and start taking control.

“Mindset” is talked about like it’s something you can achieve by reading a few books and hiring a few coaches.

Mindset dictates your life, your success, and your decisions.

Rather than looking for the next shiny marketing thing…

Take the next 3 months to figure out how to think in a way that will allow you to achieve your full potential.

The INdesign formula changes lives… It might be able to change yours? Send me a message and we can find out.
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