The LOs I coach want their production back to normal

As a coach, I must ensure my clients make more money than the other Loan Officers.

They have bills to pay, kids to feed, and vacations to pay for.

So, when it comes to a marketing plan, it is always on our radar.

There’s no question that marketing ROI has decreased when it comes to traditional marketing efforts.

The clients in my program who have maintained a cushy income have had to adapt.

I’ve highlighted the changes that seem to yield the greatest results below:

  1. On-Brand “One-to-Many” Events
  2. Consistent Personal Branding Cycle
  3. A Clear Way To Deepen The Referral Relationship

On-Brand “One-to-Many” Events

If you’re a top producer, you have certainly hosted a one-to-many event for your referral partners. But, was it on-brand?

There are a ton of Loan Officers hosting happy hours, lunch n’ learns, and classes. Realtors are getting invited to tons of these things. The novelty has completely worn off. They come… they leave… they forget all about it.

The Loan Officers in my program who are seeing success with their events are the ones who are on-brand. Meaning that the event itself speaks to their character and uniqueness.

Consistent Personal Branding Cycle

I’m not sure why Loan Officers think that Realtors want to watch an LO talk about mortgages?

Your personal brand is all about you as a person. Your interests, hobbies, passions, mistakes, successes, and desires. If you are not telling them who you are… how are they ever going to get to know you?

A Clear Way To Deepen The Referral Relationship

Every LO needs their own “mastermind” type of group. As you are hosting one-to-many events and leveraging your personal brand, you will start to notice the Realtors who really like who you are. You need to migrate these people into your “inner circle.” The best way to do this is to make it very clear that you have an inner circle and that you meet up on a routine basis. 

The three strategies above are the clear winners and have been for a little over a year now. If you are still using the old mortgage marketing strategies and expecting the old results… you may want to reconsider your plan.

If you are ready to change things up and do what works… schedule a call on my calendar HERE. I’m happy to chat and see if my program is a good fit..
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