2 LOs go to an open house

Two Loan Officers go to an open house.

One Loan Officer stayed home.

The two who went to the open house brought their A-game. 

One brought an Easter basket full of goodies and a bouquet of spring flowers.

An hour later, the other LO brought a Starbucks traveler kit.

The third Loan Officer stayed home… and would end up pre-qualifying the sellers to make an offer on their new home.

Brand loyalty always wins.

When a Realtor becomes loyal to a Loan Officer, it can be very difficult to work your way in.

Which is a good thing… if that Loan Officer is you.

Brand loyalty is everything in professional services. It’s the reason my wife and I have been able to be homeless for 5 years, traveling the world full-time and living out of Airbnbs. I don’t have to worry about someone cutting in front of me with their transactional marketing attempts. I know that my referral partners know me (and I mean really know me), like me (as in, refer me to their competitors), and trust me (they know I’m dialed in and my team will fix any problem if one were to arise). 

Marketing does not build brand loyalty… Personal branding does.

I’ll say it for the millionth time. Marketing does not make you money. It gets eyeballs on you. It’s your personal brand that converts that attention into loans.

Loan Officers often complain about the lack of loyalty they get from Realtors. But, in my opinion, most of them aren’t doing anything to earn it.

“But Roland, I’m always sending out market updates, teaching classes, calling about our mutual clients, and using the latest technology to deliver the best borrower experience.”

So what… every LO is doing that stuff. By that definition, you will lose their loyalty every few days when another Loan Officer drops by their office and offers them any of the above.

The Realtors with deals in 2024 are entrepreneurs. Their loyalty cannot be bought… it must be earned the old-fashioned way.

Know, like, and trust.

Marketing does nothing to earn these things. Personal branding does.

Many of you have an excellent reputation. The problem is that too few people know about it. 

Your personal brand dictates how you are known.

It dictates how successful you will be. 

If you are chosen… or passed up.

Remembered… or forgotten.

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