Passive Marketing for LOs

Yes, the best marketing strategies are active (boots-on-the-ground) activities.

But, they take time and that will limit your marketing reach each week.

I don’t really like using the word “marketing” when it comes to a personal business like mortgage.

Personal branding is a much better way to describe how the top producers got to where they are today.

Realtors know a lot about them, which makes doing business with them personal rather than transactional.

The result?… Their reputation is stellar, leading to dominance in their market.

The beauty of a personal brand is that it can be passive.

Meaning that Realtors are getting to know you without you having to do anything (you may even be out of town).

All you need is strategies to get your personal brand in front of them.

Here are your passive personal brand delivery options:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Email

I know there are a ton of other platforms out there. But, the top 5% of Realtors are really only using the three above on a regular basis.

You want to be careful using all of these personal brand delivery options and make sure that EVERY post/email is extremely thoughtful. If you are sending out canned emails and social media posts that you did not write, I would highly recommend that you stop immediately. All you are doing is training them to stop opening your emails and scroll right past your posts.

These are personal brand delivery platforms. They should be used very carefully as each time Realtors see something from you, they are making a judgment based on what you decided to post/send. Most LOs post nonsense that nobody has any interest in looking at. If you are not thoughtfully pouring yourself into your content/emails, then you are sending out spam.

Personal branding defines your reputation.

Your reputation is how you are known.

If you are above average… then make sure your personal brand reflects that.

Otherwise… you will very easily be forgotten.

Does your personal brand accurately reflect your desired reputation? Are you making money off of it? I can help you. Click HERE to book a free strategy call.
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