LOs have enough to retire

Most Loan Officers are working so that they can stop working.

If they had enough money to retire… they’d quit.

This is one of the most common personal brands out there.

The Loan Officer who runs around trying to get referrals so that they can make money, buy nice stuff, and then quit.

These LOs are easily forgotten.

They blend in with every other person out there who wants money.

The top Loan Officers in the industry will beat an average LO every single time. Not because they have lower rates or better products (in fact, they usually work at a large company that has some of the highest rates in the country). 

They win because a referral sent to them means more than a referral sent to the other LOs.

They are living big lives, pouring their heart into their family, their marriage, their referral partners, and other Loan Officers.

They are trying new things, making mistakes, developing new skills, and connecting other entrepreneurs.

Most of them have enough money to retire if they wanted to. 

But, why retire when work doesn’t feel like work?

Look at the Loan Officers you admire most. I bet you that they are focused on living a meaningful life… Not money. 

Purpose, fulfillment, impact. This is what personal branding is all about. 

People don’t care about your mortgage videos, how fast you got the clear to close, or “how many families you served.”

Realtors will use the Loan Officer they like, respect, and admire. This will not be accomplished by spamming them with market updates and videos. This will be done by showing them what you have been through, what you have learned, and what you are working so hard to accomplish.

In this market, you cannot afford to blend in with all the other LOs who just want money.

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