Agents are switching LOs

The industry is rightsizing.

Agents are quitting.

Loan Officers are quitting or becoming “coaches.”

Making more than 500k/year is possible… but it isn’t going to be easy.

The agents that will remain are entrepreneurs, NOT salespeople.

Entrepreneurs send their referrals to other entrepreneurs.

If you look like a salesperson hungry for some commission… you’re going to struggle in this new environment.

The whole “adding value” thing worked with the smaller agents, but it doesn’t work with the big ones.

I’ve always been a fan of market corrections. As an entrepreneur, it upsets me when I see an industry flooded with amateurs who are just there for the easy commission. The easy money never lasts and the amateurs make it last even shorter.

Well… the easy money is gone.

And… so are the amateurs.

Entrepreneurs should be happy (I know I am). These corrections are great for those who are masters of their craft and know how to run a business. Networking and marketing are annoying when an industry is full of amateurs. With all of them leaving, the entrepreneurs can cut straight to business.

I don’t know about you… but, I hate when someone I don’t know tries to “add value” to my business. I have 2 business coaches who I pay great money to do that. Most entrepreneurs are paying for the help they need and they don’t need another business owner to help them (especially when the motive behind it is to get them to send you referrals).

What is the key to success in this new market?

Looking like an entrepreneur that they would do business with.

First impressions matter. It’s pretty easy for another entrepreneur to gauge how entrepreneurial the other person is. Entrepreneurs know who they are, what makes them unique, and where they are headed. Most Loan Officers do not know how to articulate their uniqueness, making it very difficult to instill confidence in others.

Personal branding is more than just website, logo, font colors, and Instagram reels. In fact, most amateur LOs have fancier social media content compared to the top-producing Loan Officers. Anyone can swipe a credit card and buy a fancy website. Entrepreneurs know this and you won’t be scoring any points just because you spent some money and hired some coaches.

The game has changed. 

The Loan Officers who win going forward are the ones who have a strong sense of self and a clear direction. AND… they know how to articulate it so that they can share it with others.

This is a market for entrepreneurs. Commissioned salespeople will be ignored.

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