Can I love myself as a 10M producer?

Can you love yourself as a 10M producer?

I know you want more…

And, I want you to want more.

But, NEEDing more… will trash your personal brand.

Ruminating on how much lower your production is right now will only do one thing…

Lower your production even further.

Some LOs are already rebounding.

Some of them are even hiring help.

What do they have that others don’t?


They just don’t identify with their production.

Their self-worth does not fluctuate with their income.

As a result… They show up constantly, confidently, and with certainty.

Parents mean well when they raise their children. They want to encourage them to succeed and live a great life. But, it’s all performance-based.
“I’m so proud of you when you succeed”
“I’m so happy that you are better than the other kids”
“I can’t wait for you to be wealthy and successful”

It’s not just our parents. Presidents Club is the same thing.

“Come to Mexico! We are so proud of you for working your ass off!”

Over and over again, we are praised for our performance rather than who we are.

So, it’s no wonder that Loan Officers have fused their self-worth to their production.

The problem is that success in this business comes to those who feel successful. The confident Loan Officer who is proud of who they are will outproduce the LO who is desperately trying to increase their production.

Look at the difference between the two personal brands:

  1. I’m good at what I do and I’m proud of who I am becoming.
  2. I need to get more referrals otherwise I’m a failure

Your production is a byproduct of being someone that people respect and admire.

Your insecurity is not an excuse for you to harass people to send you more referrals.



Success comes to those who BE themselves and know what their unique abilities are. They will then DO things that a confident and secure person would do. And, then they will HAVE the financial rewards that come along with it.

My coaching program will help you find your thing… your uniqueness… and turn it into a brand that people admire and respect… then the money will follow. If you want to learn more, let’s jump on a Zoom. Click here to schedule something on my calendar.
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