The “it” factor. They have it, and you want it too.

You can be a significant producer and people won’t notice you.

You can be a significant producer and people won’t notice you.

You can have the bank account, the house, the cars… and they still won’t notice you.

When I first started out, I admired what the elite players in the industry were doing.

It’s like they were playing a totally different game than the rest of us.

Everyone knew who they were, what they were good at, and what they were capable of.

They had acquired the “it” factor.

I watched them closely so that I, too, could be like them one day. I noticed that they all had a lot of money. So, I figured that was a requirement. I put in the insane hours and grew my business quickly.

From there, I began networking with them in hopes of being invited into their tribe. I attended all of the conferences that they did. After one year, they accepted me and invited me to their mastermind events and the annual retreat.

But, something was still off.

Sure, I looked like them… and I was sitting at the same table. But, they still didn’t see me. I could just feel it… a difference between me and the rest of them. I could tell that there was something that I didn’t have that they did.

It was the next year that I finally figured it out.

All of them had a clear direction. Each of them knew what they were good at, what they were passionate about, and how they were going to get there. They had purpose in their lives and everyone could see it.

I finally understood why they didn’t see me…

There was nothing to see.

I had spent all of my time building my business, creating wealth, and buying nice things. Even the self-improvement books I was reading were serving my image. I wasn’t reading them to discover my purpose… I was reading them to make more money and be a better business owner.

I don’t blame them for looking right through me. After all, everything that I had done was replaceable. If I wasn’t doing it… someone else would. I had done nothing original. All I had done was follow the rules and guidelines that the industry had set up for me to be successful. I hadn’t invented anything new or created meaningful change. Yet, I wanted to be recognized as someone who had.

Here’s the thing I learned…

The “it” factor is in every single one of us. All you have to do is discover your unique abilities and use them to create a change that excites you. It’s your calling and you will be discontent until you fulfill it.

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