I help Loan Officers become significant in the marketplace and make the money that comes along with it

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You’ve seen the Loan Officers at the top of the industry…

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    They aren't stuck in their business working files
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    Everyone knows what they are good at and what makes them unique
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    They have a strong personal brand that people remember

Sure, they make a lot of money.

But, it wasn't their wealth that made them significant…

It was becoming significant that made them wealthy.

They’ve branded themselves as someone that people admire… and now they make the money that comes along with it.

I have created a system that will put you on the map so that you can do work that you enjoy and get paid to do it.

Is INdesign the right coaching program for you?

You’re a successful Loan Officer, but...
  • You’re not as successful as you know you can be
  • Your days lack purpose and it affects how you show up
  • You don’t have a personal brand that truly shows people who you are
  • You’re tired of wasting time and you’re sick of waiting
It doesn't have to take you years or decades to become significant.

There’s a formula that can make it happen now.

My clients are super successful

Loan officers, consultants, coaches, advisors, and business professionals from all walks
of life who want to be more and use their unique talents to make a bigger impact.

Just going through the process with Roland and the entire group, I feel like I’ve really found some good direction with a plan of action on who I am, what I want in life, and what’s important to me.

-Matt Laird
Branch Manager

Roland does a really great job of helping you understand why you feel the way you do, why your mind works the way it works, and allowing you to find on your own what the truth is. Everything improves when you improve yourself. There’s no other better investment than that.

-Josh Blair
Mortgage and Banking Professional

I’m Roland Cochrun.

Like you, I began my journey because I saw an opportunity to make an impact and create time freedom. But, it is really easy to get distracted… get off track.... and get stuck on a plateau. That dream you had begins to fade away.

Here’s the truth: The mortgage industry can be lonely. After all, nobody trains you for this. Through the struggle, you start to realize that the hustle is never-ending. It was fun in the beginning when building the business and creating the brand. But, the fun eventually is replaced by busy work and overwhelm.

You can work hard in your business and make money... but creating freedom? That must be designed. Building work that works for you, on your own terms. That’s work worth doing and a life worth living. I can show you how.

I’ve developed a proven method that will help you finally achieve that dream you once had… doing that work you’re meant to do... while enjoying the freedom you deserve.