I help Mortgage Professionals build systems to remove themselves from day-to-day operations.

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The Systems You Need to Turn Your Mortgage Business into A Well-Oiled Machine


you are a mortgage professional.

When you first started out, you saw a huge opportunity.

You knew that you would thrive in this industry.

AND you wanted the financial and time freedom that comes with your success.

Sure, you've experienced good results… and you’re making decent money. You’ve grown your business and surpassed many of your goals.

But, you’re...

  • Still spending too much time on tasks that aren’t building the business
  • Working IN the business rather than building relationships with referral partners
  • Losing the energy and passion you had when you first started


You wonder,

  • Could I build a system that processes the loans without me?
  • How many business opportunities am I missing while I’m spending my time working on these files?
  • I’m still working as hard as ever, when does this freedom of ownership thing begin?

If this is you... There is a better way


  • Having a team that works the system, so you get to do only the parts you love
  • Working until 11 am with the rest of the day off
  • An abundance of money in the bank
  • Vacations (long vacations) whenever you want them
  • Time freedom and real financial freedom

Picture yourself being able to do that work from anywhere in the world.

Imagine that feeling of control when you know your mortgage business is growing and providing you with passive income.


If there is anything I learned from building multiple million-dollar businesses, it’s that freedom could have happened at any time I was ready for it. It isn't easy, but it’s simple. And, you are almost there.


I’ve developed a proven system that will help you finally achieve that dream you once had… doing that work you’re meant to do... while enjoying the freedom you deserve.

What results will you see?

More Money

More Clients

More Time

Business systems that make money without you.

Reliable practices that build referral relationships with top producing realtors.

Remove yourself from the day-to-day operations.

Who do I work with?

Driven Mortgage Professionals that want to remove themselves from day-to-day operations
Those that are making over 200K annually and want to increase that significantly
Action takers! Those that want to move, and move QUICKLY. Life is too short not to!

Meet your new coach

Hi, I'm
Roland Cochrun!

Like you, I began my journey because I saw an opportunity to make an impact and create financial freedom. But, it is really easy to get distracted…to get off track.... and get stuck on a plateau. That dream you had begins to fade away.

Here’s the truth: The mortgage industry can be lonely and scary. After all, nobody trains you for this. Through the struggle, you start to realize that the hustle is never-ending. It was fun in the beginning when building the business and creating the brand. But, the fun eventually is replaced by busy work and overwhelm.

You can work hard in your business and make money... but creating freedom? That must be designed. Building work that works for you, on your own terms. That’s work worth doing and a life worth living. I can show you how.

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"I made 6X ROI in my first month.

Roland’s focus on self-concept and mastery has applications for every area of life that will tangibly move the needle for your Wealth, Connections, and Happiness."

- Nick K., Pacific Residential Mortgage

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"To say the experience has been life-changing would be an understatement.

I instantly freed up a few hours per day that I could now focus on my family and activities that fulfill me. My goal is to live a life doing things that fill my tank, not deplete it, and to be able to leverage my divine design to leave a positive impact in the lives of my family and friends. With Roland’s coaching, this will become a reality."

- Grant S., Movement Mortgage

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"If you're considering coaching with Roland, I promise that you'll see dramatic results in your income.

I was depleting my energy. I was working a lot of hours. I was stressed out. After 22 years, I finally hired a coach. My recommendation is to get coaching from Roland. And listen to him."

- Buddy P., Pacific Residential Mortgage

Want to learn how I can specifically help you?

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Download Your Systems Checklist:
The Systems You Need to Turn Your Mortgage Business into A Well-Oiled Machine


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