I help Loan Officers become significant in the marketplace and make the money that comes along with it

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In mortgage, your personal brand is what separates you from the other Loan Officers.

In a market where every LO is using the same technology and marketing strategies, who you are is the only differentiator.

The top Loan Officers don’t have to hustle like everyone else to get referrals.

Their personal brand clearly shows everyone who they are, what makes them unique, and what they are good at.

Your personal brand is how you are perceived… and it WILL dictate your success in this industry.

I’ve created a system that will put you on the map so that you can do the work you love and get paid to do it.

Without a compelling and authentic personal brand…

  • Loans are harder to get because you blend in with every other Loan Officer.
  • You’re stuck doing marketing tasks that you don’t enjoy just to bring in business.
  • You constantly have to keep your foot on the gas so that you’re not forgotten.
  • Referral partners aren’t loyal to you because your brand doesn't show them who you truly are and the value you have to offer.

Marketing doesn’t make you money… It’s the act of getting people to see your personal brand.

But, once they see your brand… who do they see?

The success of your marketing efforts hinges on the effectiveness of your personal brand.

People do business with people… not businesses.

Imagine having a personal brand that...

  • Actually captures who you are and showcases the value you bring to the table.
  • Builds relationships with referral partners even when you’re not actively working.
  • Resonates with others and makes them feel like they know you before they’ve ever met you.
  • Positions you as an authority in your industry (and makes you the money that comes with it).
  • Allows you to market yourself from anywhere in the world.


Business is easier when you have a compelling personal brand that people remember.

I have helped some of the nation's top producing Loan Officers create seven-figure personal brands.

INdesign is a proven system that will increase your share of the referral market, build local authority, and grow your reach.


My clients are super successful

Loan officers, consultants, coaches, advisors, and business professionals from all walks
of life who want to be more and use their unique talents to make a bigger impact.

Just going through the process with Roland and the entire group, I feel like I’ve really found some good direction with a plan of action on who I am, what I want in life, and what’s important to me.

-Matt Laird
Branch Manager

Roland does a really great job of helping you understand why you feel the way you do, why your mind works the way it works, and allowing you to find on your own what the truth is. Everything improves when you improve yourself. There’s no other better investment than that.

-Josh Blair
Mortgage and Banking Professional

I’m Roland Cochrun.

In 2016, I noticed that the best in the industry didn’t have to hustle for referrals like everyone else did. Their personal brand did the selling for them. All they had to do was find ways to place their personal brand where referral partners could see it… and the money followed.

Prior to 2016, I was like everyone else, "Adding value" (if you want to call it that). But, now that I'm close friends with the top referral partners in my city, I would never dream of spamming them with that crap. It would be weird and it would probably harm our relationship.

So, that same year, I stopped all of it. I quit talking about my business and started being myself instead. My business exploded. Referrals increased by 220%. My full-time job was to be myself and use marketing strategies to make sure that referral partners could see my personal brand.

The top Realtors aren't going to choose you because you posted a clever mortgage video on social media, sent them an email, or invited them to a free class. They’re going to choose the Loan Officer who they resonate with most.

In this market, you cannot afford to blend in and look like just another Loan Officer.

I’ve developed a proven method that will help you create an authentic personal brand that generates leads and increases your share of the referral market.