shut up and CLOSE the loan. I’m on vacation!

December 29, 2020 |

Your team has grown.

You have a personal assistant.

You even hired an LOA.

And you are working MORE than you did before!?!

You dread going on vacation because you don’t want to deal with the storm when you return.

You have a team now! Yet you are still stressed that everything will get done right and on-time.

There is a simple solution to this problem and you are almost there.

What if I told you that with one tweak to the system… you could reduce the stress?

You could be stress-free knowing that your team will close on-time and with excellence.

The problem is that you have delegated the tasks but not THE DECISIONS. Your team knows what to do. They are motivated and capable of doing everything you have given them to do. The problem is that you are still the one making the decisions.

Decisions are made all day long and with every task. Many of them are being made without your input or approval (these are the ones that have been delegated correctly). However, many decisions are still being made by you. You have probably been reinforcing this habit without even knowing it. Each time you make the final decision, you are telling your team to come to you before moving forward. This is why growing your team often doesn’t solve your problems.

All you did was create an even bigger bottleneck!

What needs to be done is to delegate decision making. Each time one of your team members runs into a problem, there is a choice to be made. The reality is that the options are fairly predictable (this is why you answer them so well).

Imagine if…

  • You no longer got the endless phone calls and emails
  • Your team knew where to find the answers to their questions
  • Problems were solved just as if you were solving them yourself
  • You were stress-free knowing that your systems are rock solid and that your mortgage business could handle 2x more loans in 2021.
You can have all of this… with systems.

You already know what to do and you are doing it already (whether you know it or not). Turn it into a system so that your team can do it without you.

Productivity is overrated. You will find yourself working MORE. Let’s jump on a call together. I can help you build systems so that you can actually take time off. Fill out the form below and send me a message.