LOs think suffering is OK?

May 18, 2021 |

Loan Officers often joke about the stress experienced in the industry.

They speak about the 60-hour weeks as if it’s normal.

Why do LOs think suffering is okay?

You don’t need to suffer to make good money.

Working long hours and spreading yourself thin is for amateurs.

Real entrepreneurs build business systems.

I’m not saying that automating your mortgage business is easy… but it’s not hard.

You do not need to work hard to make money. These are two unrelated things. Smart branding and great systems make money. And, if you automate the systems, you can make a lot of money. All of this is possible without working hard.

If your business relies on you, it’s not a real business. I have yet to see a business task that cannot be trained and delegated. Sure, you will need highly skilled people and they will need to be compensated fairly. Sure, it takes work finding the right people and developing their skills. But let me ask you something… would you be willing to put in some time and energy if it meant that you could be removed from the business completely?

Loan Officers can turn their business into passive income.

Or, you can keep believing the story that your team is nothing without you. You can keep working at all hours of the day with your phone ringing nonstop. You can continue to believe that your referral partners will stop sending you clients if you are removed from the business.

Suffering is not necessary to make great money.

Join me and a group of other loan officers that have decided to unsubscribe from suffering.