LOs: a personal brand that you are proud

November 23, 2021 | ,

You are holding back and you know it.

Sure, money is important… but you’ve already figured out how to play that game.

You have everything you thought you wanted… but you still feel unsatisfied.

This is a normal feeling.

It happens when LOs want to start living a life that matters.

You want to create a personal brand that you are proud of.

You are more than a top-producer and you want your legacy to reflect that.

So, why are you still waiting?

You keep running your business like money is all that matters and you know that’s not true.

What’s the next step?

Create a personal brand that sets you free.


Step 1: Discover your personal brand

Who are you if you aren’t a loan officer?

You are not your career. People do business with people, not businesses. Who are you? What makes you wake up in the morning? What is the change you seek to make? Why does your life matter? Why are you here?

A personal brand that sets you free is the one that reflects the really are. Have you thought about this? Most people stopped dreaming when they turned 20 years old. From here, they have become obsessed with making money and saving money. Do you remember why you got into mortgage? What were you going to create once you got the money?


Step 2: Stop wasting your time

Most people are getting ready to get ready…

The only reason I have been able to open so many different businesses is that I didn’t waste my time getting ready. Here’s the reality… you know enough to get started. I’m not telling you to dive in before you’re ready. I’m just saying that you probably already know the first step. This is usually a learning step. I worked with my first business coach for 18 months before I pulled the trigger on my next big venture. Sometimes you just have to go with what you know for sure and then go from there. Getting ready isn’t a waste of time as long as you are doing it with the end in mind.


Step 3: Heal your relationship with failure

Fear is what separates those that get the life they want and the others that never do. Many of my clients are paralyzed by fear. They find comfort in making money and they play it safe lying to themselves that their financial success is enough for them.

Fearless living is the key to allowing your personal brand to show up in the world. What is it like to live without fear?

When you are fearless…

  • You don’t waste time. You believe so strongly in what you want to accomplish that you don’t let doubt or insecurity hold you back.
  • You don’t procrastinate. You know what you want and you see no good reason to put it off.
  • You seek help quickly. Why would you struggle any longer than you have to if someone else knows how to help get you there faster?
  • You stop comparing yourself to others. You focus on your own life’s purpose and don’t waste your time worrying about what others are doing.
  • You no longer doubt yourself. You know how you have been designed to be and you know how to use your design to get what you want.
  • You go first. The world doesn’t scare you anymore and you are excited to experience as much as you can.

Want to create a personal brand that sets you free? Let’s jump on a Zoom call.