Why some LOs have passive income

July 6, 2021 |

Have you ever wondered why some LOs are happy and others are not?

Maybe you have wondered why some LOs have businesses that make money without them working?

The answer is simple…

The difficult part is accepting how easy living life on your own terms can be.

There is no timeline on experiencing financial and time freedom.

The formula for freedom of ownership is simple and has been accomplished by thousands of loan officers.

1. Brand Clarity

Do you know what you do well? Do you know who you enjoy doing it for?

Brand clarity is too often overlooked. Successful LOs assume that they don’t need to clarify their marketing message because they are already seeing success… this may not be true. It is possible that your first attempt at branding your mortgage business was exceptional… but this is unlikely… and, your brand changes as your skills advance.

To turn your business into passive income, you must be able to clearly state what makes your mortgage business unique and better than the rest. Also, you must be aware of who you love working with most. Borrowers and referral partners don’t want to work with just anyone… they want a specialist!

2. Scaling your Sucess

Sytems set you free! Sure your team closes loans… but can they do so consistently and without you putting out fires? Have you created a way for your team to solve problems on their own?

Crap happens… but this is no excuse to give up and accept that your business cannot run without you. If you are solving a problem, that means someone else can solve the problem. None of us are so special that we cannot train someone else to do what we do (in fact, the right person can do it better than we can).

3. You are NOT a Loan Officer

Just because you make money as a loan officer does not mean you are one. This is simply one of the many things you can do to make money.

Successful entrepreneurs don’t limit themselves by putting their identity into a single box. You are an entrepreneur that happens to be a loan officer. It’s important that you remind yourself of this if you ever want to experience the freedom of ownership. Entrepreneurs make money by building systems that solve problems. In exchange for building these systems, they are given money. From here you train others to stay consistent with your brand and vision.

Making money is the easy part… But living your life by design… on your own terms… that takes courage and discipline.

For those of you that are tired of waiting to live the life you dream of… There is a better way. Let’s jump on a Zoom call. Maybe I can help?