LOs Have Part 1, But Need Part 2

I’ve been able to do it my whole life.

I thought it was normal.

But, I’m learning it’s not normal at all.

Which is too bad, because it makes success so much easier.

I’m talking about commitment.

Committing 100% to doing what you need to do in order to get what you want.

People say that they are committed… but, they don’t act like it.

And, I don’t blame them.

Because the things that they believe they need to commit to… suck.

Most people believe:

  • They need to work 50-60 hour weeks to be successful
  • They need to outwork everyone else if they want to win
  • They need to save and invest their money because they don’t have enough yet to pursue the meaningful career they want to create

These beliefs are easy to commit to when you are broke… but, they become less motivating as you achieve success.

This is because you start to believe it less. You see other Loan Officers who have a ton of money who aren’t working 60-hour weeks. You see others who have branded themselves as the best, thus making their competition irrelevant. And, you see people who don’t yet have 10M in the bank but are enjoying their days because they are using their unique abilities to help others.

The truth is:

  • Money isn’t made by trading in your time… it’s made by adding value at scale.
  • Outworking others is only necessary if you still have competition.
  • Finding your purpose doesn’t require 10M in the bank AND finding it is why the top in the industry have so much money.

To achieve the highest levels of success, you must commit 100% to the recipe that will take you there. But, your commitment is only as good as your recipe for success. If you are committed to a bad recipe, then it will still take you longer to get what you want, regardless of your 100% commitment.

How do you know if your recipe sucks? Well, you will either find out after you’ve wasted a bunch of your time… Or, someone else will tell you that it sucks. Either way, discovering the best recipe needs to happen if you want to succeed at the highest level and it’s in your best interest for it to happen sooner than later.

Most people aren’t committed to achieving their success. They won’t admit this, but it’s true. High achievers are committed to their success, but they usually are following a recipe that isn’t going to get them there. They have hired coaches and been in programs that made them successful, but not in the way that they want to be.

If you want to succeed at the highest level, you need to realize that what you know might be the biggest problem. You need to be open to the idea that someone else knows the recipe that will get you there much faster than your current recipe. The more open to new ideas you are… the more successful you will be.

Being 100% committed is better than 30% committed… but, it doesn’t mean that your current recipe is going to get you there in this lifetime.

ill your current recipe for success take you where you are trying to go? If so, will it take you there fast enough? There’s no reason for your fulfillment to take you years or even decades. Let’s jump on a Zoom call.
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