LOs: r u motivated or stressed?

December 7, 2021 |

There are 2 ways to motivate yourself.

One way will result in confidence and control.

The other way will result in stress and pressure.

Motivation is key to success, but how you choose to be motivated will determine how you feel on your way.

There are 2 ways people motivate themselves:

  1. Through trying NOT to be something that you fear you are
  2. Through becoming something that you want to be


I used to wonder why I was always unsatisfied. I was successful in business but never felt like it was enough for me. The money was never enough of a reward. Sure, I was helping people, but I knew that I had more to offer the world than just trading my time for services.

The more “successful” I became, the more empty I felt. My stress and dissatisfaction increased. I tried buying things and going on nice vacations, but the feelings of joy and excitement never lasted. I still felt the same that I always had felt, even before I made money.

I was always worried that I would never be successful. I wanted to make sure that my life meant something. I wanted to love my career and use my skills in a way that energized me. Inside I felt less than others and I was always comparing my success to theirs. I always felt like I wasn’t good enough yet and that time was being wasted. My biggest fear was that I would never feel like my life was good enough.

And, that was the problem… fear was my motivator.

I was afraid that I was less than others and that nobody saw me for who I actually was. I knew that I could do big things, but I was too scared to try. So I kept waiting.

Fearless living is the answer. When you are motivated by who you can become, you will do everything it takes to get there.

The moment I realized who I was and who I could become, my motivation and energy changed forever. In just 1 year… I had a career I loved, my income tripled, and I felt happy.

You are meant for more and you will not feel fulfilled until you live in a way that will get you there.

I can make you happy. Let’s jump on a Zoom call and I will show you how.