LO vs entrepreneur who happens to be an LO

May 31, 2022 |

Are you a Loan Officer? Or an entrepreneur who happens to be a Loan Officer?

A Loan Officer enjoys writing the loan and putting out fires as they pop up.

The entrepreneur sees the mortgage industry as an opportunity to create a business that allows them to use their unique abilities.

Which one are you? LO? Or entrepreneur?

If you have found yourself uninterested in your mortgage business, it may be because you are an entrepreneur who happens to be a Loan Officer.

Entrepreneurs are in business because they want more than an average life. They want a career that uses their unique abilities. They want to solve problems that they are really good at solving. They want to be recognized for what they are good at.

For the entrepreneur, the money is just a nice bonus. It’s being known that they want most. Not because they want to be famous, but because they want to be sought out rather than always selling themselves.

Imagine getting business just because you are known as someone that is passionate about what they do.

What if you could experience more success than ever before by simply doing what you love most and sharing it with others around you?

This is what the best in the best in the mortgage industry do. They spend their time doing what they love and creating a change that they believe in. You don’t see them cold calling, wasting time in the office, or doing tasks they hate.

Entrepreneurs are happy because they have created a personal brand that connects them to their purpose. It’s impossible to be unfulfilled when you get to use your purpose every single day.

So, are you a Loan Officer? Or an entrepreneur who happens to be a Loan Officer?

My live events are full of top-producing LOs who happen to be entrepreneurs. You will be surprised how fulfilling work can be when you finally get to use your purpose. If you want to join us, let’s jump on a Zoom call and see if there’s a fit?