LOs: You will die one day

December 21, 2021 |

If everyone was afraid there would be no Barry Habib, no Dave Savage, no René Rodriguez, no Shayla Gifford, no Ryan Grant…

If everyone waited for “it” to happen to them… nothing would ever happen.

Fear is a funny thing…

Most of it is not true…

But, you believe in it enough to keep you from creating the life you have always wanted.

What if there was a way to stop believing it?

What if you could start being proud of what you are building?

It’s a good thing that some people have found the courage to become the best version of themselves. The world is a better place because of them. But, imagine if everyone found the courage to be the best they can be? What would the world look like if everyone was searching for ways to live up to their fullest potential?

It’s no mystery why so many LOs feel like they still want more. It’s because there is more… but it’s not money.

The more you want is BEING more. When you look at those you admire most, it’s not their wealth that you admire. You admire their courage and the focus they have on what they truly want. I am friends with many of the top leaders in this industry… none of them think about money. Not because they have a lot of it… but because thinking about it all of the time is a distraction. The reason they are leaving behind a legacy is that they are focused on building that legacy.

You must be careful putting too much of an emphasis on making more money. Years will pass you by and all you will have is cash. No legacy. No meaningful change. Nothing truly real will have been created. If you die… another LO somewhere will close the loans.

So, if you can be replaced overnight… what are you actually doing?

What do you wish you could be and how much longer do you plan to wait?

I’m launching something on January 24th… Get ready