LOs are like general contractors

September 21, 2021 |

When you hire a Loan Officer, you aren’t choosing the one with the best mortgage product.

ou want the job to get done and close on time.

When people hire a contractor to build a custom luxury home, they don’t care about the pictures they have online.

What the customer wants to know is that you have the experience operating as a middle man.

Just like a general contractor, your job is to be connected and resourceful.

Below, you will find some examples of how to incorporate your experience, connections, and resourcefulness into your branding.

1. Who do your clients become?

People believe what they see, not what they hear. Your referral partners don’t care about the “how.” Every LO out there is going to talk about communication, customer service, and weekend availability… What do you do for the clients that make them need to refer them to you? Who do clients become after they work with your team?

Think about what makes a client fun and easy to work with. What can you do at intake, during the process, and after closing to turn that person into the referral partner’s dream buyer?

2. Who do you know?

Loans arent all the same. Some people may need a unique product that could be the difference between them buying or choosing to wait. Who do you know that can help get this done? What makes you so good at always finding a way?

Your clients and referral partners want to see proof that you are experienced and connected.

3. Show them your systems

One of the best ways to show your value is through your systems. Many LOs take their processes for granted. They say things like, “I just get on the phone with them.” Yes, but what do you do on the phone? What questions are you asking and why? What are you doing in your head with the information and how does that affect your action plan?

These things need to be documented. Not just for your team, but so that you can have tangible evidence to use in your marketing and branding efforts.

You are successful because of who you are, not what you do. Being who you are is what will set you apart and eventually set you free. My clients have discovered who they are and they use this knowledge to create a personal brand that excites them. Click here to jump on a Zoom call. I will show you how it’s done.