How do you compare to other LOs?

September 14, 2021 |

How do you compare to other Loan Officers?


Level 1:

Beginner LO – In this stage, you are unsure where your next loan will come from. Lead generation and income are inconsistent.

Level 2:

Overwhelmed Operator – In this stage, you have a team and you’re making great money. However, you still work way too much. You are still involved with loans that come through the business.

Level 3:

An employee of your own business – In this stage, you have a great team that knows how to close loans. However, you are still hanging on to a few aspects of the business. You are the one putting out all the fires and dealing with all of the problems that arise.

Level 4:

Business owner – In this stage, you have finally automated your mortgage business. Your systems are bulletproof and you have leadership in place. Anxiety and stress are low as your team understands how to generate leads and how to problem-solve on their own.

Level 5:

Stuck on a plateau – In this stage, you begin to encounter a new problem… you feel stuck. The energy and passion for your business have started to fade. Everyone around you is telling you to grow and make more money… but, you know how to make more money… yet you still don’t seem to be motivated.

Level 6:

An entrepreneur who happens to be a Loan Officer – In this stage, you start to wake up. You realize that you are more than just a loan officer. This career is just one way you have chosen to make money. You start to wonder… what else could I be good at? Is there something else that would excite me again?

Level 7:

What is my calling? – In this stage, you are starting to realize that you are in control of your life. Your mortgage business provided you with the money needed to help you seek your purpose. You know that there’s more you are meant to accomplish and you are sick of waiting. In this stage, your attention shifts from making more money to discovering who you are without mortgage.

Level 8:

Discovering your divine design – In this stage, you understand that success comes to those that know how to use their divine design. But first, you must discover how you have been designed and what your design was built to accomplish. This process requires you to dive deep into parts of yourself that can be very uncomfortable to see. But, you know this is necessary to discover what will eventually set you free.

Level 9:

Effortless entrepreneur – In this stage, you know who you are and what you are meant to be. You have discovered your divine design and you use it to guide you towards meaningful work that lights you up inside. Work is no longer “work,” as you are using your design how it was supposed to be used. Friends, opportunities, money, travel… everything comes easy to you now as you understand your purpose and the impact you were put here to create.

Level 10:

Leaving a legacy – In this phase, you understand that life is so much more than making money and buying things. You start to wonder if you are living life to the fullest you can. Who will miss you when you are gone?

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