How the best LOs became the best

December 28, 2021 | ,

We all admire the elites in the mortgage industry.

But, do you know what got them there?

It wasn’t luck… it wasn’t how many hours they worked…it wasn’t even their production.

There are a ton of LOs who produce and even more that work hard.

Yet, you don’t see all of them soaring to elite levels.

You can try to be louder and create social media content… but, isn’t everyone else doing that too?

So, how did the elite become elite? And why them?

I’ve been studying the elite players in the world since I was a young boy. Growing up without money, I was always curious why some people had more than others. I remember going to my friends’ houses and wanting to spend more time with my friends’ parents than I did with my friends. I was always very curious and remain that way to this day.

In my twenties, the study of successful people became more than a hobby. I too wanted to become successful, elite, and important. I knew that I had the time to figure it out… I just needed to know how to get there.

After multiple failed attempts (mostly due to an obsession with money), I finally figured out what made the elites, elite…

They knew who they were.

Why does ‘knowing who you are’ pave the way for you to become elite? Because to be the best and be elite, other people must consider you to be so. But, impressing others is much harder than it sounds. You can’t do it with money, cars, and houses. That is just catching their attention by having something that most people don’t have. But, that attention wears off and it’s relatively meaningless to you anyway. You know that they are just giving you their attention because of what you have or what you bought.

To really impress others, you must BE impressive.

You must BE something that is rare.

And what’s rare in this world is people who know who they are.

Why is this rare? Because success has been defined as something you achieve. As a society, we have decided that success must be earned and it only comes to those that “put in the work.”

But, what is success really?

Is it money? nice cars? a massive investment portfolio?


Is success your ability to discover what you were made to do? How many people were changed by you sharing what you believe in? Creating things that would not have been created without you doing so?

What is your definition of success? And, is that really your definition? Or did you borrow it from everyone else?

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