Your mortgage business shouldn’t annoy you

July 13, 2021 |

Every loan officer that has removed themselves from their business remembers the day their thinking changed.

In the past, vacation was just a short break from the chaos (that’s assuming your cellphone wasn’t ringing the whole time).

In the past, vacation meant coming home to a backlog of tasks and a pipeline that needed to be filled.

Then… your mindset changed.

You remembered why you started your mortgage business in the first place.

All of this hard work was supposed to set you up for “freedom of ownership.”

Your mortgage business shouldn’t annoy you.

This business can be the thing that allows you to live life the way you used to dream about.

It starts with anchoring your motivation in something deeper than money and retirement. The delayed life plan is a trap. This mindset looks at work as something that is supposed to be done for 45 years. Thinking this way will sabotage your ability to create a business that runs without you.

Anchoring your motivation in living a life by design is better. With this mentality, you will look at your business and your team differently. Your mortgage business is no longer a means to an end but a means to more life.

This doesn’t need to take decades to build. Business is simple. You need referral partners that trust your business to deliver. You need employees who are loyal and appreciate the brand you have built. Lastly, you need business systems that your team can rely on to close loans consistently and reliably. As the owner, your time should be spent on facilitating the success of the three aspects mentioned above.

Can freedom of ownership be accomplished in a year? Maybe. Could it take 3-5? Maybe. Rather than thinking about an ambiguous timeline, consider spending your time building relationships with referral partners. Spend your time listening to your employees and helping them create systems that decrease the chaos. Create a workplace where your team takes ownership of the system and can become more resourceful.

Businesses are meant to run on their own. It is up to you to set it up that way. I can help you.

Removing LOs from their businesses is what I do best. Let’s jump on a Zoom call and see if there’s a fit.