Loan Officers are teaming up?

Why do Masterminds work?

The biggest thing holding you back… is the way you think. Sure, in the beginning, you need to develop your skills and learn how the mortgage business works. But, once you can close loans and sell, you need to find “your thing.”

Everyone has “Their thing.” It’s your unique ability to see things others can’t. Your unique skill set and way of explaining things. It’s the sum of these things that shape your unique brand identity. The Loan Officers at the top of the industry have found their “thing” and they have turned it into their personal brand. It’s why they look different from everyone else and why Realtors consider them better than the other LOs.

Here’s the thing though… it’s impossible to find your thing without the help of others. This is where masterminding comes in. 

Because you were born with your unique abilities, you have no idea that they are unique. You just assume that everyone sees things the way that you do. This thinking couldn’t be more wrong and it’s the reason why few people ever do anything truly great with their lives.

Which mastermind should I join?

Everyone has a different version of success. The most common version is money… lots of it. While I too like having lots of money… it’s not my definition of success. I define success as having complete freedom over your time, attention, and your future. To me, a successful existence is one where you spend your life doing things that matter to you and you go to bed feeling fulfilled at the end of every day.

Find a mastermind where others are actually invested in your version of success. Many “masterminds” have over 100 people in attendance. I’m sorry, this isn’t a mastermind. Look for one with around 30 people. This is the sweet spot as it allows you to get a good variety of successful ideas while still maintaining the intimacy and power of a small group.

It’s easy to fall for the whole “celebrity” and “influencer” thing… Truth is, the best masterminds are about you. Find the group that focuses on solving your biggest problem and you will experience the fastest path to success. 

Is it worth the investment?

Easy answer here… Would you pay $8,000 to get $24,000 in return? 

Yeah… me too.

You are only as good as your mind will allow you to be. Too often, Loan Officers focus too much on “getting 1% better every day.” This is great… And, there comes a point where you are too good for what you currency know. You will have too much knowledge and not a broad enough understanding of how to apply it. This is why you see every super-successful Loan Officer in at least one mastermind.

How long should I stay in one?

Until you run into a problem that your current mastermind is unable to solve. There is a season for every coaching investment. When that season ends… It’s time to find another tribe that better suits your needs. We all grow and evolve. It only makes sense that you would one day need a different approach to prevent you from hitting a plateau. 

Am I a good fit for INdesign?

That depends on where you currently are. INdesign solves a very specific problem for a very specific type of Loan Officer. 

INdesign IS for you if:

  • You know that you would be far more successful if you could find a way to communicate your value and get it in front of the right people.
  • You have something unique and you want a personal brand that captures it
  • You thrive being around other entrepreneurs who happen to be Loan Officers and who have an abundance mentality about sharing their best practices.

INdesign is for the Loan Officer who knows that they can be far more successful than they currently are.

An entrepreneur’s worst fear is never living up to their full potential.

If you have been looking for the right mastermind, let’s jump on a Zoom. By the time this blog is posted, I may not have room for any more in the group. But, the waitlist doesn’t take long and I promise you that it’s worth the wait.
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