LOs Have Lost The Passion They Once Had

You went into mortgage because you saw an opportunity…

A career that could finance the lifestyle you desire.

A business that could provide you with the flexibility to invest in yourself, explore new opportunities, and create a financial situation that allows you to relax.

And mortgage can do this for you.

What other career offers the flexibility and profit margins that mortgage does?!?

Here’s the problem:

To achieve this, you must act like someone who can get it.

And… Most Loan Officers aren’t.

Right now, they lack the motivation, passion, and drive required to achieve their goals.

They are wasting their time “getting ready to get ready.”

Next thing you know, it’s 3 PM and you didn’t do much today to move the needle.

This results in further frustration, self-doubt, and even depression.

The longer this goes on… the deeper the hole.

Most Loan Officers were miserable in 2020 and 2021. In good markets, it’s much easier to overlook a lack of motivation and passion. You tell yourself a story like, “I’m miserable, but the money is too good to complain about it.”

Well, in this market, it’s almost impossible to ignore the lack of motivation. 

As an entrepreneur, losing your passion is one of the worst things that can happen to you. You begin to doubt yourself. You compare yourself to others. You procrastinate even though you’re not a procrastinator.

You can only trade your time for money for so long before it feels dehumanizing. It’s not how we are wired. There’s only so many cold calls and coffee meetings you can do before you begin to feel like giving up.

It’s annoying to convince others to see the value in you. We want people to seek us out instead. We want our reputation and skill set to be enough.

And it can!

But, you need to show people!

A reputation must be built. Your skill set will only be sought out if you show people how good it is. To be talked about, remembered, and chosen… you need to create a personal brand that is worth talking about, remembering, and choosing.

There’s a better way to be in mortgage. And it’s accessible to anyone who wants it. But, it only comes to those who put in the work to build it.

Create a compelling personal brand that you are proud of and then spend the rest of your time placing that brand in front of referral partners.

I’ve developed a system that makes this easy and I have a live event that can make it happen for you quickly. We have one coming up in Nashville. CLICK HERE if you want to join us and we can jump on a Zoom call.
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