You are an entrepreneur that happens to be an LO

October 12, 2021 |

You are an entrepreneur that happens to be a loan officer.

The mortgage industry gave you a stage to exercise your entrepreneurial abilities.

Financial success used to be enough for you.

But, something has changed recently.

The money no longer makes you feel successful.

Work has become less fulfilling and has started to feel like a burden.

You value your time now more than anything else and you’re sick of wasting it.

You wonder:

“Is this all there is?”
“There has to be more to life than this routine.”

Some call this a “mid-life crisis”

I call it a mid-life awakening.

It’s the moment when you realize that you are capable of doing so much more with your life.

You’re right…

You are capable of more.

There’s a method to discover what you are meant to be.

You can use the same method to discover what you are meant to do and how to make an impact in the world.

Let me show you how.

I wasn’t always a world-traveling coach and entrepreneur. My early career was plagued by self-doubt, insecurity, and fear. I got very good at pretending I had it all together. In reality… I was lost.

It was a surprise to me that accumulating wealth would leave me empty inside. I had spent 14 years designing the perfect life and buying everything I had always dreamed of as a boy. On the outside, I was thriving. But, on the inside, I was longing for more.

I realized… I didn’t know who the f**k I was. Over the years, I had created a version of myself that could make money, impress others, and scale businesses. The problem was that none of these characters were me.

Discovering who I am and how I’m designed changed my life. My work became an effortless expression of what I love to do. I feel alive, in control, and excited for my future.

You are driven to be more

If you are like me, you want it all. Happiness, a fulfilling career, vacations, passive income, friends, connection, a strong sense of meaning and purpose. You were designed to have it all. Humans are pre-programmed with the desire to achieve everything mentioned above and more.

Your human design is wired to achieve financial stability. This helps you operate from a place of peace and it gives you the resources you need to express yourself. You are also pre-programmed to seek belonging, love, and connection. This is an important part of our human design as it motivates us to share our skills with others. Another pre-programmed desire is the longing for esteem. Humans are designed to seek recognition and respect from other human beings. This desire is what compels all of us to do things bigger than ourselves.

My personal favorite pre-programmed desire is for self-actualization. This human need is not talked about often, but we all feel it. Self-actualization is the deep desire to know and express self. All of us want to know why we are here and what we are meant to do. You want to be appreciated for your unique abilities and feel wanted by those that need your help. You want to be seen as who you actually are, not your career choice.

The desire to self-actualize is what makes you ask:

“What’s my purpose?”
“Do I matter?”
“Who will miss me when I’m gone?”

Suffering…Where things go wrong

Discontent, anxious, always wanting more. You probably don’t feel like you are perfectly designed… That’s okay… neither did I. But it’s not your design that is to blame, it’s your perception of how to use it.

As an entrepreneur, you have chosen to engage with the world and those that live in it. The problem is that society has different needs than humans. The number one source of unhappiness and dissatisfaction is comparing your needs to the needs of society. The collective needs of society are entirely different from human needs.

Unlike humans, society was not divinely designed. Society was created by humans in an attempt to create an environment that allows the population to have a human experience. The needs of society do not directly serve the needs of humans, therefore it is important not to combine the two.

Unhappiness and dissatisfaction come when we confuse our human desires with the definitions defined by others. Think about it… $100,000 used to seem like a lot of money. Now, $1million barely seems like a lot of money. How many other needs have you manipulated as you’ve aged? Have you made it impossible to feel content and at peace? Have you made it impossible to find yourself?

You already have the answer

Your pre-programmed design is your failsafe! Separating your true desires from society’s desires is where you will find the answers to all your problems. Not feeling financially secure will cause you to be very distracted. It is worth asking the question, “am I really not financially safe?” So many entrepreneurs act like they will all of a sudden stop making money. I have yet to meet an entrepreneur that has lost their ability to make money.

What about belonging and esteem? Have you invented a world where you are not seen and recognized for how good you are? Have you turned belonging into an exhausting pursuit of status and keeping up with others?

And what about self-actualization? Are you so damn distracted that you don’t even know who you are or what you believe? Knowing and expressing self is the most fulfilling action you can take as a human being. Have you created a world so busy and stressful that you aren’t able to be the person you know you could be?

Knowledge isn’t power

Your knowledge is the source of your suffering. Knowledge is the filter you use to see the world, yourself, and others. Throughout life, you have been creating a version of yourself and the world that will secure your success. You have been frantically programming your brain to create the roadmap to a perfect life. What to say, what to wear, how to act, what to do next. Decades later, you have a bank of knowledge that you use to live your life by.

The problem is that you no longer see things for how they actually are. Instead, you live life hypnotized by “knowledge.” You only see the world through your filter, ignoring the fact that you might be wrong. What if life is easier through a different filter? What if your knowledge is the source of your discontent? What if your knowledge isn’t truth? Could it be possible that you were meant to see the world through a different filter? What if that new filter allowed you to achieve everything you knew you could?

Are you addicted to suffering?

It’s scary to admit that you may have been doing it wrong. You have dedicated most of your life to your work. It’s painful when we realize that being good at working is not the pathway to happiness. We have heard it before, “Money can’t buy happiness.” But still, we try to work our way to fulfillment.

It’s easy to get addicted to work and making money. Society will praise you for working your life away. People will be impressed with the amount of money you have accumulated. This external validation plays into the addiction and gives you a false sense of achievement. But, deep down, you know it’s all bullshit.

Making money isn’t bold…it’s safe.

Creating a life full of meaning… that is for the brave and courageous.

Chronic discontent

You live in the world you have created. If nothing is ever enough for you, it’s because you have created a reality where the job is never done. If you always feel overworked, it’s because you designed a life that can only be fulfilled by working. But, If you are starting to feel empty inside and wanting more out of your life… then you may be starting to realize that your old version of reality is inaccurate.

It’s possible to live in a world full of rest and play. In this world work and money are simply tools that allow you to fund the life you want to live. Work doesn’t need to be something you hate. It is entirely possible to design a business that uses you only in ways that light you up.

The truth is that your “reality” is just one way to see the world. You can choose a world that requires you to work long hours for 30+ years. Or, you can choose to live in a world that is fun to live in. A world where you have the things you want without the stress and self-sacrifice. It’s up to you to design a job and life that excites you.

What quest are you on?

How will you spend your life here? Will you spend your time protecting your knowledge and defending your beliefs? Or, will you spend your life seeking truth and purpose?

The chances of you landing the right job with the perfect view of yourself and the world is very unlikely. It takes work to discover who you are and what you are meant to be. If you don’t take control of your life, it will be controlled by the world around you.

How to use your divine design
  1. Understand how you are designed
    It’s almost impossible to become who you are supposed to be without understanding how you are designed. Your unique human design contains your purpose, your why, and your roadmap. Understanding you will make everything else easier. You will make money with ease. You will go through life knowing what you want and what you are called to do next. The world’s greatest entrepreneurs know who and why they are.
  2. Discover how to use your design to design the life you desire
    You are not an accident. Your unique design is capable of achieving everything you want. The challenge is knowing how and where to position yourself for maximum fulfillment. If you complete step 1 and understand how you are designed, it will be easy for you to design the life you have been dreaming about.
  3. How to use your design to make an impact in the world
    This step sounds like it would be the most difficult… it’s actually the easiest and most natural! The problem is that you need to complete steps 1 and 2 before you will be able to make a massive impact without effort. Why is making an impact so easy? Because your human design was created to be a positive change. This is the only reason we are here… to make the world a better place.
Your call to action

You have been called to discover self and do meaningful work. You will be driven towards purpose your entire life until you finally do it. Your human design will continue to surface the questions:

“What is my purpose?”
“Am I making a real difference?”
“Who will miss me when I’m gone?”

We all ask ourselves these questions. It’s not circumstance… meaning is what we all want most.

I help LOs just like you, remove themselves from the day-to-day operations so that they can be happy and do work that excited them.  Send me a message, I would love to show you how.