How to double your production

November 16, 2021 | ,

If you observe the brilliant minds in business, you will see one thing over and over again.

Their ability to think and execute appears to be superior.

They seem to float through life and business effortlessly.

They are confident in who they are and that confidence guides them to all the right answers.

Here’s the thing, they weren’t born this way…

They had to learn how, just like you and I.

The mind is used for 2 things:

  1. Referencing the past for useful information that you can use today
  2. Referencing the hypothetical future to help you plan how to get there


The mind cannot be present. It’s impossible.

The problem is that life and business happen in the present. You cannot double your production in the future. It has to happen now.

Here’s where we go wrong…

The problem with over-identifying with the past.

Your memories of your past are there to guide you, not torment you. They exist in your mind to remind you of what worked and what didn’t. These memories should be accessed briefly to help you make a decision in the present moment. Once you get the information you need, then move on.

The problem is that we typically don’t move on. Instead, we cling to the memories of the past and think that those memories are who we are. This results in feeling pressure, restlessness, and discontent. You might even think so much about the past that you begin to worry and become afraid that you won’t be able to reach your goals. This is why people procrastinate and delay doing the things they want most.

The problem with over-identifying with the future

Dreaming about the future is important. This part of the mind allows you to imagine what life could be like if you execute your plan. Imagining what your success will look like and feel like is how you can motivate yourself to get into action.

However, dreaming can become harmful to your progress as well. In your dreams, you always picture yourself doing it perfectly. You can imagine how you will feel when you accomplish your goal and you can picture how other people will look at you when you do it. This is what we call an expectation.

Expectations are created when you over-identify with the future and forget that it is just a dream. You have convinced yourself that this is how things are supposed to go and that if it doesn’t go that way, you will be disappointed. Expectations are another reason why you may find yourself procrastinating and putting your dreams on hold. You do this because your present doesn’t look close to where you want to be. You assume that you are still far away or that you need to acquire more knowledge, money, or skills.

How successful and happy people think

Successful people have the same minds that everyone else has. The difference is that they know how to use them. They understand why they have memories of the past and they use these memories to take action in the present. They understand how to daydream and they use it to make a plan that gets them to their goals faster.

Understanding how to use the mind is the most efficient way to live a life that lights you up. It enables you to get what you want and get there fast. This is why I often say that I feel as if I have lived 3 lifetimes. Because I know how to use my mind, I have been able to accomplish more in less time. You can learn how to do this too.

Want to learn how you can think like this? How to make your dreams and goals happen faster? I can teach you how. Let’s hop on a Zoom.