Branding for more Realtor referrals

Loan Officers have always had something new to jump to.

We started with direct mail, phone calls, coffee meetings…

Then we had to escalate our efforts by adding education, happy hours, and classes.

Then social media came just in time, giving LOs an opportunity to add value at scale.

But, now… even that is over-saturated.

We have hit capacity.

Even if another social media platform was invented, people just don’t have the time or attention to add another (we’ve seen this with clubhouse, threads, etc…).

We have hit a point where Loan Officers have exhausted all marketing avenues available.

It’s time to stop using these platforms to sell yourself… and start using them to brand yourself instead.

Realtors choose the Loan Officer that they like most, NOT the one who is constantly bugging them for more business or offering to help “grow their business.”

The LOs who have been using these platforms to create a personal brand are the ones seeing the best results. A personal brand opens doors. It makes Realtors actually want to take your calls. It makes the first coffee meeting feel like the 10th coffee meeting because they feel like they already know you.

Why are we seeing so many younger faces in the top 20? Because they understand that this industry has become all about your personal brand. In a world where every Loan Officer is saying the same thing… your personal brand is the only thing that separates you from everyone else.

Becoming known sounds like it would take a long time… It doesn’t have to.

It’s not uncommon to have Loan Officers in my program get 2 pre-qualified borrowers from a new referral partner in the first 30 days of showing Realtors their personal brand. Sure, the big money takes a bit longer. But, you will begin to see results immediately after implementation.

Why does it work?

Because most Loan Officers suck at branding themselves. They think that they are being helpful by “adding value”… In Reality, they all look like Loan Officers trying to get more deals. 

If you can become one of the few who actually create a compelling personal brand, you will look different from the competition. While everyone else is spending their time educating Realtors, you will actually be allowing them to know you, like you, and trust you.

I’ve personally used this personal branding strategy to make a ton of money, create consistent referral flow, and develop new referral partnerships even on days that I’m not working. This has allowed me to be able to travel the world while seeing continuous growth year over year. I’ve helped some of the biggest names in mortgage create seven-figure personal branding strategies that take no more than 6 hours a week to maintain (many of these strategies you can eventually outsource to someone else).

The future of professional and financial services is all about personal brand. Loan Officers will no longer be able to swipe a credit card and get business. You will need to create a personal brand that people actually talk about and remember.

Waiting any longer will be a mistake.

Create a compelling personal brand > Build systems to place it in front of as many Realtors as possible > Post a job ad for an LO because you’re going to need to hire help to manage your pipeline.

Personal branding is NOT just about social media and making videos. Many of my top producers have never posted a single video on social media and they will still close over 100M in 2023. A personal brand is who you are. You just need to create a system that allows Realtors to see it so that they can get to know you. CLICK HERE if you want to jump on a call and learn more about how we do it
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