Systems to get Realtor referrals

I was on our evening walk with my wife last weekend when we walked past a home for sale. I read the Realtors name to myself in my head. I turned to my wife and told her how much Loan Officers are always complaining about Realtors.

“I’m sick of kissing up to Realtors.”

This is what I told her that LOs always say to me.

What was her reply?

“Well, why don’t Loan Officers just find a different job? Don’t they know that people just use whatever Loan Officer their Realtor tells them to use? I’d rather use the one that my Realtor feels comfortable with than research on my own. I have no idea how to find a good Loan Officer.”

My wife isn’t the only one who feels this way.

I bet you do the same when your CPA or Lawyer refers you to another professional. You take their recommendation.

There may be some consumers out there who don’t shop this way. But, you’ll probably get burned out trying to find enough of them to add up to 50M in production. You can build internet funnels. Sponsor your local high school sports teams. Get a few billboards up. Decorate your car for the local 4th of July parade. Maybe someone will see you coaching your daughter’s softball game and they will recognize your face from the billboard?


You can just embrace the fact that consumers go to Realtors first. 

Get 13 of the more decent producers in town to use you exclusively and just let the loans roll in.

Trust me, you don’t want to be direct-to-consumer. It’s a ton of work marketing to a group of people whom you have no idea when they will need a mortgage. You’ll need a huge marketing reach to find the 1%. It’s exhausting.

Why work tirelessly for a single loan when you could create relationships that pay you for years?

Being second down on the food chain ain’t a bad thing.

Let the Realtors be the ones out there on the front lines doing the hard work.

Spend your time creating a personal brand that allows them to know you, like you, and trust you.

I help Loan Officers build systems to get more Realtors referrals… for a living. Like, as my full-time job. I’m happy to jump on a Zoom call to see if it might work for you. Click HERE to book a call.
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