winning personal brands in mortgage


It’s the deciding factor in a competitive market.

If you look at the winning personal brands in mortgage…

They have built a career out of doing the things they love to do while making a change they are passionate about.

They are all working hard… but here’s the thing… it doesn’t feel like work to them.

They are doing big things and showing up in a big way… and… it’s effortless for them.

I remember when I first started to take note of these types of people, the “effortless entrepreneurs.”

Life was so light for them. 

Bad shit still happened every day but it didn’t bother them like it did everyone else.

Because they loved what they did they knew that they were on track to do so much more.

But, there’s a reason that we admire them so much.

We know that we can live this way too.

What goes into self-confidence? And how can you bring this into your personal brand identity?

Self-confidence is far more simple than people think. It happens when you identify as someone who is able to achieve what you want to accomplish. It is THAT SIMPLE.

Think about it…

If you don’t believe that you have what it takes right now to get it done… you will likely not find a way to pull it off.

However, for those that identify as someone who can… They will get there in less than 6 months.

People attribute this to god, mindset, the universe, etc… No matter what you want to call it. The fact is that you need to believe there is a path for you to get there. If you cannot see that path… Or, if you don’t believe it’s possible for someone like you… then it won’t happen.

You have probably heard the phrase “winners win.” 

This isn’t because they were born winners… This is because winners identify as being a winner. Someone who works hard and is persistent until they find a way to get what they want. 

Examples of winner beliefs are:

  • If someone else can do it… so can I.
  • I have access to everything I need to learn how to get where I am trying to go.
  • I can develop the skills necessary to succeed.
  • Failure is just another lesson to be learned from.
  • I don’t compare my performance to other people’s. I judge my performance based on my own standards and not the opinions of others.

You can see how easy it is to succeed when you identify as someone who can win. In a winners world, everything is figureoutable. The resources are everywhere and accessible to anyone that goes after them. Failure is not a reason to stop, it’s a reason to improve and keep going.

The key to creating a winning personal brand is to identify as someone who can win.

Thinking like a winner will make you a winner.

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