Loan Officers Are Tired, But There’s Hope

Loan Officers learned a lot in 2020… the money wasn’t worth it.

Yet, here you are in 2023 with a different sense of dread…

You don’t want to do the things that everyone says you need to do to get business.

In 2020, you were overworked… but, that was way better than constantly having to sell yourself, make calls, and set up appointments.

But, what if there was a better way?

What if you could create a personal brand that creates referral relationships and separates you from your competition?

Well, you can… but, you’ll need to do things differently.

It’s hard to thrive when you are tired… when you aren’t looking forward to marketing yourself. How do you expect to achieve your full potential when you’re tired?

The thing I’ve learned about fatigue is that it’s temporary. It happens when you don’t like your options and it goes away when you finally discover an option that excites you. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as you have definitely experienced this before. There was once a time when you enjoyed many of the tasks that you dread doing today. However, back then… the hard work was moving you closer to where you wanted to be.

The problem is that you’ve changed. Money is not your only motivator. Your tolerance for doing things that you don’t want to do has decreased to almost zero. After all, this is your life and you only get one… So, why spend it doing things you don’t enjoy?

But, there’s an even bigger problem…

You’ve run out of options… and there’s only one that remains…

You need to start using your unique abilities to make money or you will remain stuck in limbo forever. You need to do stimulating work that you love to do. You need to help others in a way that actually matters… in a way that no other Loan Officer can.

Until you do so… you will probably remain tired… just like everyone else.

To me, it doesn’t really seem like a choice…

Do you remain lifeless and mediocre… or do you succeed at the level that you know is possible for you?

I know it seems like an easy choice… But, statistics would suggest otherwise. Most people choose money over success. Because they think that financial success is success. But, it’s just one form of success. And, money is only a form of success if it’s making you happy.

Doing things differently is hard. This is because 99% of people are focused on making more money. The irony is, the 1% that isn’t focused on making more… makes more than the 99% of people that do. Because money is a weak motivator. Humans want to achieve their full potential and be recognized for doing exceptional things. Wanting money isn’t exceptional… it’s normal.

Focusing on money ruins your personal brand. It’s obvious when you are financially motivated. People can see it from a mile away. While status is attractive to those who are insecure… it’s a turn-off to the people that need you most. Why? Because we all know that money will come to you faster if you are an exceptional leader. This has been true for thousands of years and it’s just as true today.

If you want to create a personal brand that is unique… create one that is rooted in purpose. Not only will you stand out… but you will win. Purpose is always the tie-breaker.

Look at the leaders who are absolutely crushing it today… all of them have found their purpose… turned it into their personal brand… and then, learned how to sell it.

What’s your purpose? And, have you integrated it into your personal brand? If not… you’re missing out… Let me help you do it. Click here to schedule a call.
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