This. Stuff. Works.

“Guys, this sh*t works.”

I heard this over and over again this past week at my Loan Officer event in Mexico.

It’s an interesting thing to hear as a coach.

It showed me that most LOs who join my coaching program secretly think it won’t work.

I’m not offended by this.

I get it. 

I’m the only coach in the industry saying what I say.

My question is…

If they are so skeptical… why did they sign up to be coached by me?

Some Loan Officers embrace what I teach.

Some Loan Officers wait months to embrace it… until they watch everyone else in the program getting results… and, they finally realize that it DOES in fact work.

Some Loan Officers never embrace it (I try not to let these LOs in… but, they occasionally make their way past the interview).

I understand the initial resistance. For years, they’ve been told to cold call and “outwork everyone else” (I’m glad my coaches never told me to do this… I’d hate my job too).

The truth is… money isn’t made by “outworking everyone else.” It’s made by being perceived as more valuable than the other LOs in your market. 

So, the question is… What is valuable?

Is cold calling, sending out bulk emails, posting mortgage reels on social media, teaching Realtor classes, and hosting happy hours actually valuable?

Or, is it average? Is it what everyone else is doing?

You see, value is determined by how rare something is.

If it’s commonly done… it’s not rare.

And, if it’s not rare… is it valuable?

In a world where Realtors have dozens of great LOs to choose from… 

Are you the one who they consider rare? Remarkable? Unusually great?

Your personal brand should show Realtors someone unforgettable. If you just look like another Loan Officer… you will be forgotten. I can help you change that. Click HERE to book a call.
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