How LOs Are Passing 100M In This Market

You’ve seen their numbers being posted.

9, 12, and even 13 million-dollar months!

How are they doing it in this market?

The Top Producers that are winning right now have more leverage than just their mortgage offering.

They have branded themselves as an industry expert who is passionate about their mortgage business. This brand speaks volumes compared to a brand that hinges on your mortgage offering. In this market, nobody is happy about the mortgage they are getting. But, hundreds of mortgages are closing every single day. And, if they aren’t going to you… they are using someone else.

Positioning yourself as an expert is different than you might think. It has nothing to do with posting on social media videos about mortgage (anyone with a camera can do that). It also has nothing to do with how good you are at closing loans (the nation is full of great Loan Officers).

So, how do you position yourself as an expert?

Act like one.

The elite players in the mortgage industry are positioned above their competition because they have a unique brand identity that reflects who they are and what they are working towards. They show up with a level of confidence that separates them from the rest. Rather than talking about tips and tricks, they speak about purpose and meaning.

In a world where everyone has a nice camera and fancy social media content, you need to have something compelling to talk about. The Loan Officers that are the most fun to follow are on a mission to change the industry and they have built a brand that allows us to follow along.

What are you inviting your referral partners to?

Have you created a movement that gets people excited and makes them want to talk about you?

If you haven’t defined your brand identity yet… you’re missing out. The Loan Officers that have created a powerful brand identity are the ones getting deals right now. I can help you. Click here to schedule a call.
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