Loan Officers Are Getting A Bit Nervous

At first, you thought it was just a tough market.

Then you saw a newer LO closing 5 loans last month.

You wrote it off as a fluke…

Then the same newer LO closed 7 loans the following month.

Now, you’re beginning to wonder… 

Do I have what it takes to win in this new market?

We crossed a new threshold 10 months ago… (I’m sure you’re feeling it).

Loan Officers are a bit nervous.

Those nerves are justified… this is a very different market.

However, I think you’ll find the new way of marketing more enjoyable and sustainable.

You got into this industry because you saw an opportunity to make seven figures while helping others at the same time. What you didn’t want was to constantly have to sell yourself. You didn’t want to live with the constant feeling that you need to do more.

Well, this is what happens when you have nothing more to offer than the LO down the street. You HAVE to sell yourself constantly. You MUST search for things that will give you the advantage.

This is an exhausting way to do business. It’s shallow. Dehumanizing. And, requires very little skill other than persistence. You can only trade your time for money for so long before it begins to feel like slave labor. 

The good news is… the old way of marketing… doesn’t really work anymore. Everyone is calling realtors, posting tips on social media, and sending out emails. Technology has made this easy and therefore, a lot less valuable. These strategies are average. Referral partners are not impressed by average.

Being nervous is a good thing. It serves a purpose. Feeling nervous when thinking about the future is an indication that what you are doing currently will not be enough. But, rather than shutting down… DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Looking for better technology and social media strategies will not be enough. EVERYONE is doing that stuff. It’s easy and your referral partners know it.
The top Realtors are entrepreneurs and they will only refer business to another entrepreneur… not a Loan Officer. This is why you always see the best working with the best. Not because they are better than anyone else… but because they have positioned themselves in the market as “the best.”

So, what actually goes into branding yourself as the best?

  1. You need to look like someone who “gets it.” Someone who knows exactly what you want and what it takes to get it.
  2. You need to make it look effortless. The best in the industry work hard, but it doesn’t feel like work to them. They love it! This is what they would do whether they got paid or not.
  3. You need to do hard things. People admire those who are trying to get the most out of life. Settling for mediocrity is far too common and those who are constantly trying to make a bigger impact stand out in a big way.
  4. You need to be proud of yourself. Most people wish that they were someone else. The best in the industry are proud to be themselves and wouldn’t want it any other way.
  5. You need to be fueled by more. Most people are working so that they can stop working. There’s no compelling reason to refer business to them. Those at the top of the industry have turned their purpose into a personal brand that makes an impact. Work isn’t just a means to an end.

If you want to effortlessly succeed in this new market, you need to be someone who is doing more than slinging loans. Successful people are successful because their realtors and borrowers want them to be successful.

People support those who are living impressive lives. This has always been the case. But, in this new market…. It’s no longer optional.

Rather than trying to create a personal brand, create the person you want to brand.

You shouldn’t be nervous about this new market. You should be excited! Finally, all you have to do is live an impressive life and turn that into your personal brand. 

I’m not asking you to change or become someone you don’t want to be… I’m asking you to become the person you have always wanted to be… and then show people who you are.

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