LOs: Stop Acting Mediocre

If you want to stand out… you need to stop acting like an average Loan Officer.

I see so many Loan Officers trying so hard to get attention right now.

And it’s working!

But, when you get their attention… you act like an average Loan Officer.

The greats in mortgage have earned the respect of the top realtors in the country.

It wasn’t by posting social media videos about the Fed, buydowns, or the 10-Year Treasury. 

They did it by creating a personal brand identity that others could relate to and admire.

The “How” is just not that interesting and it certainly doesn’t make you look unique.

Simon Sinek said it well years ago, “People don’t care what you do, they care why you do it.”

Let’s face it… Being good at your job isn’t impressive anymore. 

It’s the new normal.

People expect you to create social media content. 

They expect you to know about the various mortgage options and how to pick the right one for them.

This is what a great Loan Officer does, and there’s no shortage of great LOs in this industry.

What is there a shortage of? 

Loan Officers who have found their purpose.

In a society where becoming your best self has become the hottest form of success.

People are no longer attracted to the expert like they used to be…

They want to work with someone who knows who they are, why they are here, and the impact they are going to create.

Integrating your purpose into your mortgage business will be the most profitable and fulfilling thing you’ve ever done. Stop waiting. I can help you. Click here and let’s jump on a call.
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