LOs, You’re Not The Only One Sick Of Marketing Yourself…

Loan Officers… the old stuff isn’t working anymore.

Which is good… because the old stuff wasn’t enjoyable anyways.

You’re not the only one sick of constantly marketing yourself…

Your referral partners and borrowers are equally getting sick of listening to you do it.

Selling yourself doesn’t work anymore.

Social media is full of people “adding value”… it’s not rare anymore.

What is rare?

A Loan Officer who is solving new problems.

Social media has made it easy to show up. The problem when things get easy is that they no longer carry the same value as they once did. This is why a strong social media presence just isn’t enough anymore. You can post beautiful content every single day and still not get a single loan from it. This is because it’s the new normal… the new average.

First of all, people don’t get on social media to learn about mortgages. So, we have to be realistic in that this strategy is relatively invasive. And, because there is so much content being posted online… People are caring less every single day. This doesn’t mean that you should quit… it means that you need to get ahead of it. Knowing that most of the content online is repetitive and unoriginal, how can you be different?

Stop posting tips and tricks… sure, these get views… but, they are so shallow.

The most fun people to follow online are those who are trying to create change. The people who strongly believe that the world will be a better place if people listen to what they have to say. Rather than posting tips and tricks… take them on a journey. Show them what the world will be like if everyone knew what you knew.

Your legacy sells. In this new marketplace, people will choose the people who they consider are leaving the most impressive legacy. In a country where we have an abundance of almost everything… It lacks purpose-driven people with a strong sense of self. Become that person with a strong sense of self… and you will never have money problems ever again.

Are you ready for this new way of selling yourself? It’s fun and it doesn’t even feel like work. Click here and let’s jump on a call. I can show you how our tribe of Loan Officers has found a better way.
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