LOs Look At Me Like I’m Dumb

Money… Loan Officers want it.

So, when they hear that I’m good at helping LOs make more of it…

They want to get on a Zoom call to discover how it might work for them.

When I tell them how my most successful clients in the program are doing it…

They look at me like I’m crazy.

This is what I tell them…

Things have changed in this industry…. But, not really.

Loan Officers are seeing a diminished return on their marketing efforts. This is because marketing alone doesn’t work. 

People see the LOs at the top of the industry and fail to realize that it’s not their marketing that makes them successful… it’s their personal brand.

In professional services, people choose YOU not the service. In an advanced world, like the one we live in today, people assume you’re going to be good at your job. And, in a world where every Loan Officer is pumping out education and free “value,” even that is beginning to be ignored.

Most Loan Officers agree with me as they too could care less about watching another professional force information on them.

But, here’s where LOs start to look at me like I’m dumb…

I tell them that: The best personal brands aren’t brands at all.

The thing that makes the Loan Officers at the top so successful is… it’s not a brand… it’s legitimately who they are.

When you see them posting about their purpose, their passions, their aspirations… It’s more than just words. They walk the walk and it’s visible in their personal brand.

Anyone can say the words. This is why marketing isn’t working like it used to. People believe what they see, NOT what they hear.

The best personal brands are people who are actually living epic and intentional lives. They haven’t “made it in life.” They are on the journey like all of us. The difference is that they have discovered their purpose and they are spending each day learning better ways to use it.

A personal brand cannot be created… It’s who you already are.

The problem is that most people have no idea what their purpose is and how to use it. Therefore, they default to acting like a Loan Officer who posts some personal things on social media here and there. 

That is not your purpose. That just makes you a Loan Officer who has a life outside of work. That’s every Loan Officer in the world!

There’s a night and day difference between someone who has found their purpose and someone who does a job, buys stuff, and goes on vacations.

A strong sense of self has always been attractive… But, in this new market, it will be what separates those who thrive and those who won’t.

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