Desperate Loan Officers who want money

Loan Officers have been hiring the same coaches, reading the same business books, and going to the same conferences.

Is there a point where it all stops working?

I’m all about self-improvement…

But, what happens when everyone has access to the same stuff?

This is what has happened to the mortgage industry.

Every Loan Officer is using the same strategies to get business.

Before we dive into what you need to do… 

You must first understand where we are and why your marketing has stopped working.

  • Cold calling worked… until 2022 when everyone started calling Realtors.
  • Email marketing worked… until Realtors started getting emails from 218 other Loan Officers.
  • Happy hours worked… until they realized that all LOs really want is their business.

The point is, that everything works… until it stops working.

Realtors pay attention to what’s rare. There was a time when cold calling was rare. And, at that time it worked. 

There was a time when posting fancy social media videos worked. And, then everyone bought a fancy camera and hired a professional video editor.

The only constant is change. Marketing always gets old. Nowadays, it gets old much faster than it ever used to. 

If you plan to continue to get attention, you need to hunt for what is rare.

Want to know what’s not rare?

Desperate Loan Officers who want money.

Want to know what is rare?

Loan Officers who are playing for something bigger than themselves.

Everyone can tell what you want. If you want money so that you can retire… everyone can tell.

The question is… Why should I send you referrals if all you want to do is stop being a Loan Officer?

Your personal brand needs to show Realtors:

  • The business you are building and what you hope to accomplish
  • What you’re passionate about
  • What your unique abilities are and how you are using them
  • What you have overcome and what you have learned

The future of mortgage is the person behind the personal brand.

In a world where every Loan Officer is hiring the same coaches, using the same marketing strategies, and sending out the same information… the only thing that separates you from the LO next to you is your personal brand.

Marketing is dead.

It’s all been done before.

Branding yourself isn’t the future… It’s already here.

I’ve been using my personal brand to get referrals for years. And now, I teach Loan Officers like you how to do the same. CLICK HERE to schedule a call on my calendar to see if my program is right for you.
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