LOs are cheating their way to the top

It looks like these LOs are cheating.

In many ways, it violates the “way things have always been done.”

I’m referring to the Loan Officers at the top who are still making great money this year.

Not only are they getting plenty of referrals, but they are GAINING market share.

And here’s the kicker:

They are doing it by just BEing themselves.

It looks like cheating… I know.

Carrying on – business as usual – in one of the most challenging markets of all time.

But, isn’t this how it works in the mortgage industry? 

Realtors choose the Loan Officer they like most and send most (if not all) of their referrals to them.

So, the question is… 

Why do the top Loan Officers get to be themselves and the other LOs have to work for it? 

The answer is… Intent.

Intent is one of the most underrated personal branding strategies when it comes to referral-based businesses. People look for intent right out of the gate. From the first email, text message, or phone call… Realtors are looking at your intent for reaching out to them.

Why intent? Because your intent is one of the things that cannot be artificially created. You cannot fake your intentions… They are what they are… and humans are incredibly good at picking up on the intentions of others. 

We live in a world where Realtors have seen it all. Every marketing strategy, relationship-building technique, and fancy piece of software. New and shiny used to work back when these things were rare, but now every Loan Officer in the country is trying to help Realtors “grow their business.”

But, what is your intent?

If you’re only doing it to get referrals… they can tell… everyone can tell.

This is why the top Loan Officers effortlessly land more and more of the top Realtors. They don’t do what they do to get more referrals. They are entrepreneurs who are simply showcasing what it is that they have to offer. Their personal brand clearly displays who they are, what they are good at, and what they are passionate about.

So, when they are marketing to Realtors, what’s their intent?

To show people who they are and what they are good at… that’s all… 

This is why personal branding is so effective in mortgage. It’s unconditional marketing. You’re not convincing anyone to send business to you. You are simply placing your personal brand next to the other Loan Officers and allowing them to choose the one they like most. In the case of the top Loan Officers, they win almost every time. Their personal brand is just more authentic than their competition.

Why is it that there’s a direct correlation between a high emotional intelligence and a high net worth?

Because those who are self-aware and socially-aware are able to show up with pure intent. They aren’t putting on a show, copying other LOs, or spamming their referral partners with “value.” They show up with a strong sense of self… and the referral relationship follows.

A strong sense of self is the hallmark of an effortless entrepreneur. They know who they are and they are proud to be themselves.

Integrating your SELF into your personal brand is how you will win in 2024.

Top producers have been doing it for decades. It’s why they are at the top. And, now that Realtors are tired of being marketed to, personal branding is the only form of marketing that works anymore.

A strong sense of self has always been attractive… but, in this market, it’s what separates the LOs who will thrive and the ones that won’t.

Your personal brand is everything. It’s the new business card, the new website, the new way of deciding which Loan Officer you want to work with. If you want a personal brand that brings in loans, I have a coaching program that can help you create it. CLICK HERE to book a call
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