More female LOs are #1 now

You have to be first in this industry.

Being the second LO they call decreases your chances dramatically.

I’m not sure if they even call a third?

Out of the hundreds of LOs to choose from…

How do you become the first?

Realtors call the Loan Officer who:

  1. First comes to mind
  2. They feel most connected to

All of you know how to do #1. But, being first to pop in their head doesn’t mean that they are going to call you first.

We are seeing more and more female Loan Officers take the #1 spot at mortgage companies. 


They are better at connecting than men. They show people more of themselves rather than just talking about what they do for work and sharing mortgage information.

Believe me… Realtors could care less about your mortgage emails and social media posts. Any Realtor who still needs to learn about how mortgages work doesn’t have any business to send you in 2024.

The Loan Officers at the top are the ones Realtors feel the most connected to. This isn’t a new thing. Referral business has always gone to the most likable person in town. There’s no shortage of good LOs out there. Being liked is the name of the game.

Female Loan Officers typically rely less on their careers and their income to enhance their self-worth. Because of this, they place more of an emphasis on their passions and connecting with other people. In this new market, this strategy works beautifully.

This isn’t the 1990s anymore. Smoking cigars and drinking expensive scotch isn’t impressing anyone.

This is 2024. The most impressive person is the one who is improving themselves, trying new hobbies, spending time with family, and admitting when they are wrong.

Anyone can pick up the phone and cold call someone. 

Few people know who they are and what makes them unique.

Why are we seeing so many female Loan Officers at the top?

Their personal brands show people someone who is more than just a Loan Officer.

People do business with people… NOT businesses. Your personal brand should have very little to do with mortgages. Realtors could care less about what you do for work.

Spend your time broadcasting a personal brand that allows them to get to know you.

I can help you create this brand and get it in front of as many realtors as possible. Go HERE to book a call and see if my coaching program is a good fit for you.
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