LOs, are you Barista #3?

You’ve seen the credits at the end of a movie.

You can be one of the main characters in the top 5 lines…

Or… you can be Barista #3.

Doing what everyone else is doing will make you look like Loan Officer #23,455.

So, what are the main characters doing?

Why do Realtors remember the top Loan Officers?

They know how to show up in the market and how to brand themselves effectively.

There are 2 ways to show up in the market:

  1. You can be a part of the crowd
  2. You can be someone significant in the industry

As a part of the crowd, nobody pays attention to you as you’re one of many other Loan Officers. There’s no real reason to remember you as you are just doing a great job at doing your job. You make money and then buy stuff with the money you made. Your success really has no impact on their life… So, they don’t spend much time thinking about you or telling anyone else about you.

Examples of doing what the crowd is doing: Sending out automated emails, paying for Zillow leads, posting mortgage tips on social media, cold calling, and asking for business.

Showing up as someone significant commands the attention of everyone in the room. You don’t have to sell yourself as your personal brand does the selling for you. People remember you and tell others about the things you’re doing. They want you to be successful because your success makes their community and the mortgage industry a better place.

Examples of what significant LOs are doing: Clarifying their brand message, collaborating with other leaders, looking for ways to reach more of their target audience, using social media as a way to show others who they are, speaking on stages, guest interviews on podcasts, and coaching other LOs in the industry.

Once you know how you want to show up in the market. The next step is to brand yourself effectively.

There are 2 ways to brand yourself:

  1. Conventional
  2. Convicted

Conventional marketing is all around us. Just open your social media app and you’ll probably see a Loan Officer telling you something about mortgages that you heard yesterday from another Loan Officer. Conventional marketing is ignored. There’s nothing original about it. You are just one more person creating content because you believe that making content will bring in loans.

Conviction sells. Why? Because so few people know who they are and what their purpose is. So, when we see someone who is proud of who they are… we listen. While most people spend their time wishing they were someone else… Convicted people are happy to be themselves.

So, why do Realtors remember the top Loan Officers in the industry?

Because they show up with significance and conviction. People don’t remember those who are good at their job… They remember the Loan Officer who is leaving a legacy and doing something with their life.

Being significant and finding your purpose is rare. Become one of the few that have found it… and you’ll be the one who has what everyone else wants.

Get out there and do some main character shit!

If you want to become significant and enjoy the money that comes with it… Click here and let’s talk.
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