The LO with 6-pack abs

When I was 15, I wanted 6-pack abs and 16-inch biceps.

It turns out that there’s a recipe you can follow that will get you there.

There are practices that the experts have perfected.

When you follow these practices… you get to where you want to go a whole lot faster.

I wondered… are there similar practices like this that can help you in business?

Practices that will put you on the map?

Practices that will brand yourself as the best lender in your market?

The same practices that the industry elites used to come from the bottom up to where they are today?

The answer is… Yes.

Getting a 6-pack really isn’t all that complicated. Your calories out need to be more than calories in. From there, your body fat percentage will allow them to become visible. Once visibility is possible, then calories need to be increased enough to sustain hypertrophy while you repeatedly challenge the abdominals until the desired size is achieved.

Becoming a significant player in your market isn’t all that complicated either. You need systems to become known. You need practices that position you as an expert and a connecter. You need systems to maintain this personal brand and nurture those who are paying attention to you. Just like getting a 6-pack, these practices will progressively position you as one of the best in your market.

You probably want me to tell you the specific practices that you need to implement to pull this off. And, I want to tell you what those practices are… But, first I need to know what you want to be known for? What makes you unique? What are you passionate about and why does this passion benefit those in your market?

In order for others to see you in the way you want them to see you… you must be crystal clear on what that is… How do you want them to know you? What do you want them to say about you when you aren’t in the room?

This is why so few Loan Officers are making a real impact… Why so many of them look average and never experience exceptional results. They haven’t stopped and clarified what it is that they want to become. How they want to be known and remembered. 

So, should you be that surprised when others don’t yet see you that way if you don’t even know yourself?

When building your personal brand, you need to build the person you want to brand. A person that people admire and want to succeed. A person that has a clear direction and confidence in their daily routine to get them to where they want to do.

Are you that person? If so, are you branding yourself that way?

If you want help discovering your purpose and turning it into your personal brand… I might be able to help. Click HERE to schedule a call on my calendar.
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