This LO Took 18 Weeks of Vacation

Personally, I’m not impressed by the Loan Officers that make great money.

Because making great money isn’t that rare.

I’m impressed by…

  • How many countries you have been to
  • How many people you have brought together
  • How many people have said to you that “you have changed my life”

And, I’m most impressed by how many people will miss you when you are gone.

The irony is that the Loan Officers who are living these truly impressive lives are making a ton of money while doing it.

It’s their amazing life that is making them the money!

They have made a career out of being someone who loves their job and by doing so, Borrowers are more attracted to them, Referral Partners are more attracted to them, and other Loan Officers want to work for them!

People have always been attracted to those that have found their purpose… And, this is even more true today.

We live in a world where people have been so focused on their careers that they have no idea who they even are. If you took their production from them… most Top Producers would not have much to separate them from everyone else. The only people who are impressed by a Loan Officer’s production are other Loan Officers. Everyone else wants to know who you are without the career.

How many countries have you visited? How many people consider you to be the most influential person in their life? How many times were you the first person to do something new? How many times have you failed trying to achieve something that few people have accomplished? How many times have you succeeded in achieving something that few people have accomplished?

Rather than focusing on your career, focus on becoming a person who is impressive.

You will make more money and be at peace while doing it.

Life is too short to spend it all trying to be something that doesn’t matter. How about you make a career out of being someone impressive instead?

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