Loan Officers: How To Find Your Thing
Turn Your Passion and Unique Skill Set Into Your Personal Brand Identity

Loan Officers… You’ve seen those at the top of the Mortgage industry…

Everyone knows who they are, what they are good at, and what makes them unique.

They have built careers out of using their skill set to create a change they are passionate about.

This is because they have found their thing.

It’s what separates them from the competition and gives them the power to show up in a big way.

You want your thing. We want to help you find it!

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  • How to turn the skills you have developed over the years into a personal brand identity
  • The strategies that the elite players use to stand out above the competition
  • The formula to become known for what you are good at and what makes you unique
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Guest Speakers

Denise Donoghue

Robyn Lavassaur

Justin Brown

Shayla Gifford

Craig Sewing

Todd Duncan

Phil Treadwell

Josh Mettle

Dave Savage

Dan Kellar

Sean Herrero

Ryan Grant

Michelle Castle

Arjun Dhingra

Todd Bookspan

Wally Elibiary

And more...


Guest Speakers

And more...